Choosing a Dog Nutritional Supplement

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Nutritional supplement is the best way to meet your dog's nutritional needs. Dog foods do contain protein and fat, but these foods often bypass beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help slow the aging process by improving cell growth and joint health.

Nutritional Guidelines

Veterinarians agree that a dog's diet should consist of 25 percent protein, 35 percent fat and 55 percent carbohydrates. Dog food companies design their foods to meet these general guidelines. However, most companies ignore important vitamins and antioxidants.

Choosing a Dog Nutritional Supplement

Check your dog's food to see if it meets the daily requirements. Guidelines, based on a dog's weight, suggest:

  •      Biotin               -0.001 mg per pound
  •      Folic Acid         -0.002 mg per pound
  •      Niacin               -0.12 mg per pound
  •      Vitamin A         -50 IU per pound
  •      Vitamin B1       -0.01 mg per pound
  •      Vitamin B2      -0.05 mg per pound
  •      Vitamin B5        -0.1 mg per pound
  •      Vitamin B6       -0.01 mg per pound
  •      Vitamin B12    -0.00025 mg per pound
  •      Vitamin D         -5 IU per pound
  •      Vitamin E         -Up to 20 IU per day

Calculating your Dog's Needs

Take a close look at your dog's food. Write out a list of vitamins and minerals found in one serving. Compare that list to the list of suggested nutritional needs. Make note of the vitamin and mineral needs not met.

These vitamins and minerals should be included in any dog nutritional supplement.



Tushar, are multivitamins available in powder form with a canine taste? My male adult German Spitz eats pica (small "gitty" and mud and at times cow dung). The vet says it is a bad habit. Though we give it isabgol and Venky's Gutwell it yet goes hammer and tongs for pica on walks and the same come out embedded in it. Its blood test has shown normal level of electrolytes and albumin. No anemia. I did not check for vitamins in its test as it is mighty expensive. I feel that either it is problem of vitamins or a problem in its esophagus. I wanted to try multivitamins in powder form to mix with its kibble. It is on Venky's Regale Pup as the kibble are smaller as compared to larger kibble of Regale Meal meant for adult dog. I prefer Venky's dog meal as it is preserved with Natural Antioxidants, mixed tocopherols (source of Vitamin E), Rosemary extract and citric acid, rather than carcinogenic chemicals as in Pedigree. To repeat, please let me know if there is any multivitamins available for canines in powder form.

By: gspal | 22 Nov 2011

Anil @ DoggiesDude
for powder form of multivits contact garg medicals in lko..they have one kg pack

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 03 Dec 2011

Home Food Plus Nutreat Granules also available with chemists for animals by Zydus Animal Health Limited, Ahmedabad. A 250 gm tin costs Rs175. A surgeon has prescribed it for Bozo, one tsf once a day. It has a measure of 5 gm with instructions inside the tin. Bozo also prescribed Nefrotec DS (made by Himalayas) twice a day for kidney and bladder calculi found on ultrasound as other than surgery there is no laser treatment available in Lucknow for breaking calculi. Bozo has quit eating kibble and also pica (gitty) to a great extent.

By: gspal | 21 Dec 2011

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