Creative Ideas for Getting Your Dog to Take Their Medicine

Wag News, last updated 25th, May 2016, Deepshikha Tahiliani


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Do you like taking medicines when you are ill? We know the answer to this is No. Similarly, if your dog isn’t feeling fine and you have been prescribed to give meds to him, it could turn out to be a difficult job for you. Hence, to make it easier, we are here with few tactics, which will make it much more simplified for you to give medicine to your little furball.

Strong smelling wet food


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One thing that works very well is hiding or mixing the medicine in food, which has a strong pungent smell. The canned salmon is quite effective. The “fishy” smell will take away your dog’s attention from medicine and he will gobble it down with ease. Make sure you don’t use this food often; otherwise, it won’t work well on medicine days!

More the Merrier


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This technique works best if you have more than one dog. Have lots of soft treats on your hand and hide the pill in them. Keep on feeding your dogs with treats and pop the pill into your pooch’s mouth that needs medicine. And there you go! According to certain surveys, dogs eat in a much quicker way in the presence of other dogs.

Game on


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If you turn giving medicine into a game, your pooch will love it. Just toss few treats and guide him to catch them into his mouth. After throwing a couple of treats, toss in the med too. Usually, the dog is much more into the game than into treats, hence you could give him the required pills with ease. Remember to maintain a quick speed or else he might sense that a “not so good treat” is coming his way.You can buy the yummiest treats here



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For bitter tasting pills such as tramadol and metronisazole, put them inside the gel capsules. These capsules tend to get sticky when wet, therefore insert it into the wet food or meatballs before giving it to your mutt.



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Generally your dog is much distracted when he is on car ride with you, or the regular evening walk. Carry some treats mixed with the med during that time. The more distracted your pooch is, the lesser he would bother what’s inside the treat.

Paw – Paw


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If the med is liquid or powdered, the best way to feed it to your furball is by mixing it with peanut butter or regular butter and spread it on their front paws. It’s a doggy instinct. He would lick that right off at that very moment.

None of us would want to see their dogs sick and ill. We hope these tricks help you to give your pooch meds and make him get well soon quickly! Woof!