"Dear Dog... " - A Letter to Your Heartbeat, from You!

Wag News, last updated 25th, Apr 2016, Aniesha Chaana


We have tried to put in words your love, care, concern, feelings, emotions and gratitude you have for your dog. We would request you to read this letter to your dog tonight. Believe us, he will definitely understand! And yes, you are allowed to cry while doing so...

The Letter:

Dear Dog, 

I cannot even begin to explain how lucky and blessed I feel to have you in my life. You were just a tiny pup straight out of your mother’s lap, put into mine, and hence transferred from one mother to another. Holding you in my arms, I promised to myself that I would do everything in my capacity to see you grow up to be a charming cherub that you are today.


Dear Dog, From teaching you to heel to seeing you run after birds like little kids ran after the pied piper, I have enjoyed every bit of your journey towards adulthood. You are every pet parent’s dream and the star of our house. No occasion is complete without tales of your stellar display of intelligence and naughty tricks.


Dear Dog, more than you needing me, it is I who needs you. You are my recluse from this big bad world. You are my sunlight on a gloomy day. When I come back from work, I look forward to be greeted with your wet nose and unstoppable excitement, day after day. There have been times when I have been harsh on you, and those are the times I have regretted the most. I can do without fellow humans but I cannot for a moment fathom a world without you.


Dear Dog, taking care of you has taught me many a life lessons.  When your warm and friendly eyes look up at me, it makes me want to be a better person. Your unconditional love has taught me the meaning of abundance. Your obedience to what I say has drilled the meaning of loyalty in me. With your cute little pudgy paws you have not only entered my house but also left an impression so deep in my heart, which cannot be matched by anyone in this universe.  


Dear Dog, we as humans are very conscious of our shortcomings and this alters our behaviour a great deal. However, you with your pure heart, have loved me despite my prejudices for myself. You have honoured me by accepting my soul. I can connect with myself more when I am around you. You have taught me to love myself. You, without a doubt, are the greatest healer in this world.


Dear Dog, I know there will come a time when we have to bid goodbye to each other. It is something I don’t want to ever imagine. The prospect of always being with you will make me believe in anything and everything. You are and will forever remain the greatest dog I could ever have had or could ever want.


Eternally in love with you.

Forever yours - In this life and till eternity,

Your Mom/Dad.