Diary Of A Home-Alone Poochie

Life with Dogs, last updated 29th, Oct 2017, Anshika Saxena

Here is an interpretation of the most-likely routine of a furry home-alone;


Most furries will play at least a little bit during the day. Some find a favorite item to chew on, or run around with. Playing-mode will be ON for a greater span of time if there are more than one furry left home-alone, wrestling and playing with toys is always fun when there are two or more.


In most homes, it’s rare for every little thing to remain the same through the entire day. Dogs generally are curious and want to investigate changes, looking at and sniffing new items, any slight change in the position of objects can get their curiosity nerve-active.


When dogs can see something that doesn’t stay constant but is generally present, such as traffic, people walking, or kids playing they often like to watch it. This usually is a passive activity, with some animals quietly sitting, lying down or resting their chins on window sills.


Although different breeds are more social than others, in general, dogs are pack animals, it is in their inherited behaviour to do the Guarding; In some cases, dogs keep watch because of genuine feelings of possessiveness.


Many times when you are gone for hours, the dogs generally get hungry at least for a snack when they’re home alone. They often go to their food and water bowls to get something to eat and drink. it is suggested to leave some snacks in their bowls, and a filled bowl of water is always a must.

Catch some Zs

If you've given your dog a good walk and fulfilled their daily dose of exercise just before leaving, they will most likely collapse in exhaustion and not even think about the fact that you're not there. The amount of time the animal sleeps really depends on its unique preferences and physical needs, but it can take up a big part of the day.