Does my male dog need a mate for better/fuller life????

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I get  atleast one call every other day,asking for a female mate from male dog owners."The dog has become very naughty,aggressive,dominant,,I want him to enjoy life,a vet has suggested that mating him would make him quiet,my cousin wants his puppy,or we do not want anything in return or we ourselves will pay money for his pleasure" etc..

I try here to explode a few myths with such a situation.Firstly, a dominant dog after an opportunity to mate will only  strengthen his dominance and not become"quiet".A dog looks at the owner family as its pack members and the owner alfa male/female.In a pack there is strict order and hirarchy.Only alfa male/female get to mate,anybody else trying that is not tolarated and punished severely. Yet every dog/bitch tries to advance themselves.One to achieve mating is instantly alfa.That means he/she does not obey aneone,all others obey her/him.And it is his/her job now to punish their pack members who do not accept their authority,including u the owner.    At the same time other pack members are perfectly happy without mating.The dominant dog now also has to guard the territory from other,and mark the territory with his urine at every prominant object in the house/garden,Any new object placed there must be pissed upon,including leg of unsuspecting visiter's legs.Dominance mounting on owner's legs will become more frequent.  In short, u have worsened the situation.A dog howmuchever u love him, is a dog and will think like one.It is the owner who should learn to think like a dog,to make the assosiation pleasant for both.Sterilising him can be an option.

One thing I simply unable to understand the preference for a male dog by most first dog owners.There r more advantages with a female than a male dog.Firstly no scent marking  excepect for a week every 6 mo.That too can be masked by a spray called "SHE",  or similar available in petshops.No embrassing mounting attempts on guests... and a shed sweeter temperament,lesser runaway tendencies.


so u mean to say when u grown up u didn't had any sexual feelings? what a pity. This in refrence to your words " At the same time other pack members are perfectly happy without mating." hahahahahaahahhaaha.U must be kidding.

By: mohit | 26 Feb 2010

Here we go again..dear not confuse dog with human.A dog is a dog is a dog,howevermuch I love him.Good I got u to reply.If we want a happy and long term relationship with our dog then do not personify the dog.Do n't we see so many adult dogs being abandoned or in animal shelters because owner found the tantrums of the dog unmanageable.As a puppy the dog was pampered,confusing it as human, as grown up same dog if jumps on visitors,refuses to accept u as boss,aggression is only to follow.Reinforce that with matings and the honeymoon is over.Ur dog is now a threat,an embrassment,a pissing fountain.Now the dog is in a cage outside in the garden or terrace.Ur time with him is less and less and the dog is more and more psycological wreak.Highly excitable at very sight of u and uncontrollable.
I do not say all stud dogs r trouble, but then stud dogs are not what we r talking,we
want our pet dog.An experienced breeder can still be a dominant pack leader of many stud dogs,but as one dog owner will not hv those experties nor time to keep the pack leader status.Crux of matter is ,the mating was thought to correct the bad beheavier,that precisely would cause more trouble.Put the overall dog man relationship in focus than a momentory pleasure u think dutybound to give to your dog.All pack animals do that,follow that.dogs,lions ,chimps all.That is no kidding.

By: PRADEEP KOUSHIK | 26 Feb 2010

Nice article...liked it

By: Runni | 26 Feb 2010

very informative and experienced guideline. You need to maintain the dog-human boundryline. Should not make confusion.

By: Milind | 26 Feb 2010

Hungry Paw's!
Mating is a Must !! after all even they have feelings... what if they loose that Naughty ness in them even they feel the pain if not mated and some time s they loose there temper and get agressive.

By: Hungry Paw's! | 03 Mar 2010

hi,hungry paw's,
hv u ever bred a dog? hv u experienced the trauma both dogs face,before,during and after? The dog going without food ? By the way mating is about insticts,not feelings.Who feels pain if not mated is debatable.Anyway request readers to take whatever one wants to take away frm this blog.My experience is only 40 % I am able to take with me on this subject during telecon and 60% in face to face meetings.

By: PRADEEP KOUSHIK | 03 Mar 2010

Hungry Paw's!
Mr Koushik, Well !! i have one question to you or take it as a statment to you or what ever you feel like! :)

I heard that you are a breeder and have around 150 Odd breeds with you .. !
I am right or correct ??
and breed i just breed so called pitbulls and Rot!! even grewals Rots are like "Yuck" for me ! :) ( i dont mind in what ways you take ).
#1 :- have you ever bred a dog ?
Ans :- You must be real dumb to ask any one that on Dogspot! No hard feelings eh.

#2 :- have u experienced the trauma both dogs face,before,during and after?
Ans :- you are a breeder Right ! aren't you ? :D dont you even feel apporiate to ask this kind of unvaluable question.

#3:- The dog going without food ?
Ans:- Again Refer ans number 2 ..

Now come on.. you must own 150 dogs or breeds or might be the number one breeder of india. dont act as if you are the only one breeder or the person to know about dogs!!

P:s:- Nothing be offended. :)

"dogs are not Toys" even they need Sexual Fullfilment.

By: Hungry Paw's! | 03 Mar 2010

ok,one last time let me try to make my point.No doubt it is radical and contravercial and that is why it was a question and not blog.Many of ur questions and my answers may drift away frm the subject,still let me try to make some sense.
To begin with,I hv raised a question and putting across my views only to get the ball
rolling.I hv no intention to put my weight or rather no. of dogs I own behind it.It serves me in no way even if u agree with my point of view.
1. I did chk and did not find any of ur breeding posted on dogspot or elsewhere.Secondly,I do not regard breeding or not breeding dogs is in itself any
qualification to be dog lover or be on dogspot.There r quite a few knowlegeable subscribers on dogspot,who may not own a dog or hv not bred one for various reasons.That does not disqualify from anything.If u hv bred dog ,then facts of breeding process u can not fail to notice.No birth is without its pain ,trauma and sacrifice of individual animals to sustain the species.Now on second thought,ell me is it that dumb?
2.I did not understand ur question but let me hazard a guess.Firstly being a breeder,
does not necessorily mean it is his/her profession.I felt it appropriate to ask that question,more so as a breeder.An experienced breeder does not,undergo the whole grind for himself and his dogs for the excitement or momentory pleasure or curiosity
or money.(7 times out of 10 he/she looses money.)He plans a litter,chooses the mates very
carefully,to cause as less risks as possible,that includes not breeding a perticular dog and breeding another dog/bitch in its place.Conditions the dogs to be mated,plans manpower to look after litter,even prospects for placing right homes
for pups he does not intend to keep.Prepares for emergency.
3.I am again not sure having bred a dog u did not notice his hunger strike.Off course exceptions r always possible.But then we r not talking one perticular case.
My dog going without food is certainly important to me, especially if I could avoid it.
Once again but for the last time,if I put across my conviction about a question how on earth I become breeder number one or number last?
u r free to put across your views for everybody's consumption.Rest assured u can not offend me.I hv grown enough to know that we both can take opposite views and both be wrong....AND it was never confortable to know earth was neither flat nor center of Universe....
I request u to contribute to the question for or against my view,with more facts and experiences,it will serve some purpose for all readers.For example In US of A 75 % of all male pet dogs and !00% of adopted dogs are FIXED.The cost of fixing surgery is not small there.Americans do not need lessons on the virtues of sexual fulfillment nor their pet love less holy than ours.
I may choose to answer if u restrict it to the question.Grewals Rots or Koushik's status do not help in finding answer to the question.Some factual informations to argument other than emotions r sollicited.

By: PRADEEP KOUSHIK | 04 Mar 2010

Hungry Paw's!
No hard feeling's mate,.. every person has its own point of view and way of thinking,.. and Me not posted any breeding blog, that is real bad way of you assuming thing's!! any ways happens,.. after all we are human being's, just posting blogs dosen't make any one a breeder.. i do admire your love towards dogs and specially having those amazing dogs in india Specially the Borzoi !!

and i never said that i have never noticed my dog going on a hunger strike !! :-O when did i ???

Any ways Coming to your blog..

Not just america many country people do neture there dogs .. and for a very well being of the life of humans and dogs too.. cauz every year around 1.8 Million just Pitbulls are Euthuanized.. and i have no idea how much all togother dogs are pounded in Pounds.. each year!!

By: Hungry Paw's! | 04 Mar 2010

Not blogs ,where r ur dogs/puppies pictures dear?ur puppies listing is Blank.Why not share them with us while sharing piece of mind?
U say u agree ur dog also refuses food during mating period.U also say neutering is for well being of dogs and humans.u can not get neutered dog to mate but still these dogs r very close to the hearts of their owners and they do not consider them toys.We need to end this blog here, as there is not much more to be added for the readers. U can start another thread if u want and I assure u to contribute if
I know of the subject.U do not need my certificate to be a breeder or even need not be a breeder.It is no passport to anything.

By: PRADEEP KOUSHIK | 04 Mar 2010

Tushar Kanchan
Mr Hungry Paws,

Its enough from your end, you criticism is worthless. Pradeep is maintaining the sanctity of his blog writing politely and adding to our knowledge.In the above blog Mr Hungry Paws you have contradicted your own statements,
OK come on, I would like to know about dog breeding, why dont you post an article here, we will debate.By the way NO PUPPIES Mr Hungr Paws eh ....

Your profile says - I am part of Dog Adoption Services - Cruelty Against Animals member, not particularly dogs.
This is in stark contrast to your views above sir...... so chill buddy. lest maintain the sanctity of the forum. Let share good and keep the bad out this room.

Pradeep I admire your knowledge. Adding you to my friend list.

Happy dogspoting

By: Tushar Kanchan | 28 Apr 2010

Hungry Paw's!
Aww!! Mr Kanchan,..

Aww Again ! Wait let me ask you this, now what is Pinched you ? so that you come up with "Its Enough From your End" ? Great if my Criticism is Worthless.. Go Jump Around have Sweet's :) When i am not poking my nose in any thing in his Blog.. and as said Different people have different view's ,.. guess no point talking about it.

Ok Come on where ? Dog Kennel ? Hawwww.. No puppies Mr Hungry paws eh..

Awww!! eh ha.. hee haww.... Why ? If i Update a Puppy Pic then i am a Dog Knowledgable person ? Eh .. Again Eh.? :D

and coming to my part as my Profile says ..
"I am part of Dog Adoption Services - Cruelty Against Animals member, not particularly dogs."

Now buddy! what so every my profile says what is upto you ? :) <--- Asking you politley..:)

And Chill Buddy ?
Am i even posting in this Blog ? So i am Chilled...
Who is not maintaning the Sanctity of the forum ? After all we are here to keep the good and share the good .. and As you said Bad out of this room.. let's keep it that way..

Me too.. Happy DogsBLOGING.

By: Hungry Paw's! | 02 May 2010

Tushar Kanchan
Grrrrr ....GOOD BOOY ! Your reaction was expected like this.

Right said Hungry Paws - KEEP THE GOOD, SHARE THE GOOD - thats exactly what i wanted out of you, Good now.I did it purposely to yo, so that you realize how it feels to get cornered.You all are much knowledgeable than me, but i am here to seek the best out of you exprncd guys. Though Dogspot has made this forum open for everybody to express what they feel, it doesnt mean we show our muscles, let us make it a good forum
We are not here to prove who is good or better, but the point is are we having the least that we can contribute to the wellbeing of our speechless companions.Hence we are blogging
So Thanks Hungry Paws, thanks for your replying to my pointer, i look forward to u contributing some more interesting.

Hi Pradeep, looking forward to you for more blogging.


Happy Dogspotting

By: Tushar Kanchan | 02 May 2010

Hungry Paw's!
Grr.. Good Boy!!

Man.. Phew!! You are Such a Kiddo.. Or Shall i say a Big "LOL" ;) haha..

Listen Dude!! if you think that My reaction was Expected like this.. then you are the "Blah Blah Kind of person" No hard feeling's mate!!

you did purposely to me Or Your "YO"
Yo!! Brother.. I really didn't feel Any Bad or even hard hardfeeling's! B-)

And Who is Showing Muscles' I just used my Vocalabury in right way!! Sorry if hurted you ...

and Pointer ? what is that ! i just replied to the thread! which is so called Blog!

And your thanks Accepted! :) and Contribute Some more intresting information..

*sigh* !!!!

:D Any ways ..!!

By: Hungry Paw's! | 02 May 2010

Request users to maintain the decorum of the website. Personal remarks and derogatory comments will be deleted from the forum.

By: Gaurav | 03 May 2010

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