5 Must Read Books For Dog Lovers (Fiction)

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I am sure alot of us like to read and I know for a fact that you would love to read about your four-legged canine mates. We have thus listed the five most inspirational fictional books about dogs that would surely leave a poigant impact on you.

One Good Dog

This is a beautiful novel written by Susan Wilson which tells a story about how a man who has everything and loses it all at once due to circumstances in his life and a dog he meets transforms his life. This book compiles the definition of a man's best friend and how he helps the man and himself in getting back a life they first had. I personally recommend this book to each and every one who are fighting a batlle in their life.



Beware of Dog

Beware of dog is a wonderful fictional tale written by Bob Balaban that would excite you if you love superhero tales. I would recommend this specially to people who like to read about funny yet amazing superhero stories. I am sure you would love to read about a dog who gets supernatural powers after being operated for a fatal accident.



The Art Of Racing In the Rain
This is a novel by Garth Stein is a fiction which is shown from a dogs point of view and remained the best seller for a long time. It is a story about a race driver and how his dog helps him in various important activities of his life. One of the most inspirational reads.




A Call Of The Wild

This is a novel published by Jack London and is a story of a dog who was forced to survive a brutal existence. How he conquers all his  and emerges as a hero of the wild is what forms the plot of the story.



A Dogs Purpose
This is a fictional novel written by American humorist Bruce Cameron. The book talks about a dog's journey through several lives via reincarnation and how it looks for its purpose through each of its lives.



If you know some more books, then you can share them with us.

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