Dog Feeding FAQs

Nutrition, last updated 09th, Feb 2017, U K Atheya

Dog Feeding FAQ

Should, I feed commercial feed or home made food to my dog?

Commercial foods are animal protein based or the vegetable protein based, ready to serve feed. The vegetable based commercial feeds are less reliable, has low palatability, less digestibility and rarely availability. The meat based commercial feeds are costly, costing rupees 50 to 250 per kilogram. The animal protein based feeds with high cost are highly digestible and palatable to dogs. And the dogs defecate less. The, low cost commercial feeds the manufacturers keep on changing ingredients, so as to reduce the cost, and do not change the label .   Commercial feeds are good for show homes and the small breeds of dogs. But its availability is limited to big cities. The table scraping, home made foods are good provided they are consistent, not much changed. Except,  for milk which is poorly digested because of the milk sugar lactose.

Can I keep my dog on vegetarian diet?

Dogs adjust well with what humans eat. If you are vegetarian then eggs, paneer, curd and cheese are as good as meat.  Eggs are good for the dogs, as it 100 percent digestible, the other meat proteins are also   highly digestible.

Can I give soybean nuggets to my dog?

Soybean nuggets are good source of   protein, but has zinc deviancy factor, which causes problems in enzyme function. So soybean should be given to limited extent.
Can I give bones to my dogs?

Soft bones, rabbit and chicken bones, and small bone pieces of goat bones are injurious dog. Only hard long bones should be given to dogs
What are the water requirements of dogs?

Water, cold water, is must for dogs as it is required keeping tongue wet for evaporative cooling, dogs do not sweat so they control rise in temperature by ventilation. In summers water requirement is double the winter requirement.

How much feed should be given to dogs?

Dogs have very fast rate of growth, they double their weight in just nine days. Whereas, human baby needs, 240 days to double its weights.  The stomach of the young dog pup is small. Thus, they need repeated feeding of, high protein concentration. It is surprising that bitch milk has 14 percent protein and 18 percent fat with low lactose the milk sugar. The human milk has 3.0 percent protein, 2.6 percent fats and 7 percent lactose. The cow milk has 3.5 percent proteins 4 to 5 percent fat and 3 percent lactose. Thus cow milk is not a good substitute. Eventually foster feeding does not achieve healthy pups .The weaned pups need 5 time feeding till 8 weeks of age, then 3 feedings a day, till it reaches the half of the adult weight. There after they just need one meal in a day. The dog stomach, has big capacity, they can charge it full, when food is available. Dogs can remain with out food for five days, if water and calcium is available.
How should I feed pregnant bitches?

The pregnant bitches and lactating bitches has separate requirement depending on breed and number of puppies and season. So consult your veterinarian or feed some good, meat based commercial feed as recommend by the manufacture.

When should I feed my dog?

In hot weather the intake is reduced so the food should be served at night, when it is cool.

Do dogs eat their own dropping or the droppings of other animals due to the nutritional deficiency?

Many books and veterinarians explain that dogs eat the droppings due to nutritional deficiencies. The answer to the question is no. The dogs eat droppings because they are evolutionary scavengers. In tropics they (dogs) are part of human eco system, acting as scavengers, living near to human excrement. However, droppings of grass eating animals, herbivores, animals, have some vitamins.
Can we feed chocolate to dog?

Chocolates have toxin theobromine the concentration of the toxin depends on the backing of the chocolate, the darker the chocolate the more is the toxin. A hundred grams of nicely backed chocolate is enough to kill four kilo toy dog.

Is vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is necessary for dogs?

Dogs can synthesise vitamin C, so they do not need it. Thus dogs do not like citrus.  It may also be informed that dogs can not be induced to scurvy, a vitamin C, deficiency disease reported in sailors, and treated by taking citrus.
Can I give Paneer whey to my dog ?

The answer is no, because, paneer whey  contain water soluble milk sugar  lactose, which is not digested by dogs, and dogs expresses purgation as soon as they consume whey .

Does feeding garlic, onion or brews yeast work as fly repellent?

None, repels flies. Garlic and brewers yeast are harmless. Onions, if given in excess, it causes anaemia.
Can we keep dogs on complete meat diet?

This had been tried in United States on very large number of dogs. It does not work, carbohydrate supplementation is necessary.

Can I feed raw eggs to my dog?

No. Raw egg has anti vitamin A. 


These are the best nutrition tips anyone has ever given !

By: Parakram | 28 Apr 2008

Dr. Manvir Singh
Nice exposure to practical Dog feeding

By: Dr. Manvir Singh | 25 Nov 2008

Abhishek Gupta
Thanks for the dog nutrition tips given by you.I would like your advise on wether to give my 3.5 month old GSD milk / curd mixed well with water.One of the vets that i have consulted in Dehradun has reccomended it while another has vetoed this idea.also should i feed him boiled eggs during the summers. he is being fed ROyal Canin GSD junior 3 times a day.

By: Abhishek Gupta | 26 Apr 2009

U K Atheya
@coolmariner Royal Canin is a complete food- need not to add eggs
I am also located in Dehradun, you may contact me on 9411195391

@DoggiesDude appreciate you sharing your personal experiences!

By: U K Atheya | 27 Apr 2009

Agam Prabhakar
doggiesdude... pls do a google search... dogs will eat anything but one has to be careful of what is being eaten... RAW EGGS are a strict NO NO... even for humans... Pls search the web and get yourself an answer.


By: Agam Prabhakar | 28 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Please note that my dogs are on PMR model inwhich everything is raw...Just do not read the topics.. theory is dfferent and practical different. Like many say garlic is bad but i have found it to be very helpful. do you know that if a anyone has issues with dog eating raw bones for teeths, neem tree sticks can be given to dogs to chew which is very helpful too. So experimenting is the first things rather than going by statements of others. Each dog is different and needs different Diet contents.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 28 May 2009

Can excess eating of pedigree cause liver or kidney failure . Just wanted to know somebody I know just lost her St Bernard & thinks pedigree was the main culprit .

By: DoggieDawg | 29 May 2009

each dog is unique will adjust to the diet provided by the owner. It helps being consistent. as long as the diet contains enough protein, minerals, vitamins and calcium. Veg proteins are not easily assimilated by canines and most go waste so if you are feeding veg proteins the quantity has to be large. Animal proteins are good for dogs and if supplemented by eggs its enough. eggs are great but should be cooked

By: Parakram | 29 May 2009

One suggestion for a really cost effective diet. Most meat outlets selling chicken keep chicken neck aside to be sold to restaurants to make chicken soup.It sells at approx Rs 20-25/kg.
I buy about 5 Kg every week and stock it in the freezer.
I pressure cook it so the small bones become soft and harmless. mix with khichdi, veg,, cooked eggs, calcium powder, fist full of pedigree -feed twice a day

By: Parakram | 29 May 2009

Saugat Sanyal
Just a small query, is royal canin diet in sufficient too. I feed my dogs 3 times a day. twice with royal canin and the dinner is roti with chicken. Additonal vitamin and calcium supplement is also given. my lab is 18 month and my spits is 1 year old.

By: Saugat Sanyal | 29 May 2009

Royal Canin alone is not sufficient but since you are giving roti and chicken with it I think its quite OK.You may add Egg whites (cooked)
A word of caution - Labradors have a tendency for obesity. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and no snacking between meals.

By: Parakram | 29 May 2009

Saugat Sanyal
Oh he is alergic to eggs....

By: Saugat Sanyal | 29 May 2009

Agam Prabhakar
sure doggiesdude... each dog is different. I wonder if its fair to wait for the dog to develop salmonella and then feel bad... anyways each to his own... your point taken. Cheers !!

By: Agam Prabhakar | 29 May 2009

Perfect. Many people feed Raw meat to pet dogs but there is a risk - not only salmonella but parasites as well like tapeworm, etc. eggs also are to be given cooked

By: Parakram | 29 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
FYI he actual Ph value of a dogs stomach should be 1-2. By feeding Kibbles and unwanted fillers it increases to 6-7 which becomes a PERFECT host for parasites. If you keep the Ph 1-2 these worms and infections issues goes away itself. Also strict hygiene must be implemented when handling this food.
To test the activity level and energy level, Feel free to visit my kennel to find the result.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 29 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Ok, there is bacteria everywhere. Dogs have an amazing immunity system specifically designed to eat all manner of bacteria. And a healthy raw fed fed dog manages those bacteria without a problem.

E-coli, salmonella, etc are found on raw chicken, but those nasties are also found in your fridge, in your sink, on your floor, in your backyard, in your car, on the footpath, down at the park, and perhaps in your bed! Interestingly, the only cases I have heard of dogs dying from e-coli or salmonella, were dogs fed commercial dog foods.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 29 May 2009

We all live with these bacteria guys. Raw is fine if it works with your dog. I havent tried raw yet with my dogs. Lots of people believe in raw meat diet. I dont believe in processed food but use it because its convenient.
As we say-to each his own.

By: Parakram | 29 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
I am using PMR now since nearly 3 years and have even weaned litters on raw. its been a huge success to me.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 29 May 2009

You are sounding very convincing on PMR. It makes logical sense because the digestive systems of pet dogs is the same as those of their wild counterparts which eat hunted prey.
Let me try it on my dogs and I can post my experience

By: Parakram | 29 May 2009

Saugat Sanyal
Hi Doggiesdude, can you explain the PMR diet. Is it simillar to BARF? and is Barf available in india at all? You feedback will be helpful as I want my dogs to grow up on best food. I assumed Royal canin to be the best, now I have to think otherwise.

By: Saugat Sanyal | 30 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Any premium feed has at most 30% meat products (its products..can be anything in it) PMR is advanced format of BARF. BARF says 60% Raw meaty bones and rest veggies. PMR is based on study of wolves. it involves just veggie, etc. its in the ratio of 80/10/10 of meat/bones/organs (liver,kidney) Variety is needed as no single meat source is complete. So keep rotating each variet every 15 days and once dogs are used to, you can mix them n give. a dog needs 2%of his body weight. I have many ebooks on it..lemme know if you need any. I am NOT advocating PMR but its my experience that prompts me to say that my result is better than Kibbles.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 30 May 2009

Saugat Sanyal
Hi Doggies dude thanks for the reply, yes i would love to explore PMR, if you could send me some more details at bharti-axalife. i will be extremely grateful.

By: Saugat Sanyal | 01 Jun 2009

Vinay Parade
Guys, you could also try out solid gold pet food. It is the only Holistique and organic pet food in the indian markets. you can get more information at~ and~

also If you really love your pet you will do some research on dog foods. Read the ingredients list on the bag, know what the ingredients are, and know what should and should not be in foods (those affected by Menu Foods are learning about wheat gluten). Then you will be able to make the best possible choice to benefit not only your dog but yourself as well. After all, keeping your dog healthy means fewer trips to the vets. And that is the best money-saver of all.

The following websites are a great place for information.

By: Vinay Parade | 26 Nov 2009

El Bandito
Thanks for such a informative article U K Atheya, I am trying to raise a mixed breed pup who is now 2 months old now. Up until now he's been fed on Cerelac and more recently on chapatis. Can someone suggest me a more balanced diet but not restricted only to meat. More importantly how much should I feed him daily.
@DoggiesDude: Would be highly obliged if you could share your e-books, can you please add me as your friend.

By: El Bandito | 17 Dec 2010

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