Dog Grooming: Why is it So Important?

Grooming, last updated 24th, Sep 2020, Kritika Ponia


Dogs are adorable, cute, naughty, and extremely loyal pets. Give them some love and care, and they will literally give you their lives. Unlike many people, dogs are altruistic and know only how to give without expecting anything in return except some attention from their beloved owners.

However, as the owner it is your DUTY to provide them with the best because you know what? They deserve it. They actually deserve the best in everything and you should be willing to provide them with as much love, care, attention, and compassion as you can muster. They don’t expect you to worry about their hygiene and give them a bath or cut their nails regularly but does that mean you give dog grooming a miss? NO! If you care for your dog you will definitely groom him so that his health is not compromised at any point.

Many people love their pets to death but they give dog grooming a complete miss thinking that dogs don’t need to be groomed at all. Why, aren’t dogs living things? Other people think that dog grooming is all about bathing the dog every now and then, and may be giving him a nice brush. You will be surprised to know how small a part of dog grooming that is! Before I delve into that further for you, here is the reason WHY you should groom your dog regularly. 


If you worry about your dog’s health, you will definitely ensure that he is groomed well every week or so. You don’t have to think too much to understand this. Tell me, would you go a month without taking a bath, cleaning your ears, clipping your nails, brushing your teeth, and brushing your hair? Definitely not. Why not though? Because it is unsanitary and invites a hoard of diseases and problems.

That is the exact same case with dogs. They are living things, remember? They need to be clean! They have a lot more hair than you do and their nails tend to grow quickly. If you ignore bathing the dog and brushing his coat, you will invite bacteria and other parasites to make a nice large home in your dog’s coat. Dust, dirt, and other environmental factors will invite many organisms and your dog will be severely infected. If you ignore the nails and let them grow, chances of bacteria and fungi growing within the nails are very high. Fungal infections can be very dangerous and getting rid of them can be an arduous task. Amidst all this, your dog will suffer inexplicably. Does he deserve to suffer? NO!

Think about his teeth, his eyes, and his ears. Will you allow goop to accumulate in all these body parts? If you do, your dog will be the living home of thousands of parasites that will not just make his life miserable but will also spread onto you and give you serious problems.

It is because of such carelessness that allergies come into existence too!


Grooming your dog is another way of showing that you care for him. Even though he may not understand immediately what you are doing, he will definitely know that you are doing something GOOD for him. He will for sure appreciate it. What will he do for you in return? He will shower you will so much love that you won’t be able to contain it.

Through grooming you are giving your dog happiness and in turn, he is making you happy. So to say it clearly, you are helping YOURSELF by grooming your dog!

A well-groomed dog is a very happy and healthy dog!

Things to Keep in Mind while Grooming your Dog

To start off with, know that you need the right tools to groom your dog. Don’t EVER think of using tools meant for humans on your dog! You will subject him to a lot of pain if you do that. For example, many people don’t even think before using a clipper meant for human nails to clip their dog’s nails. I mean, how careless can you get? Can’t you clearly see that a dog’s nails are differently shaped when compared to humans? How can you use the same nail clipper for him then? Try using a clipper meant for his nails on your nails and you will understand how it hurts. [Don’t actually go trying to do that. This is just an example!]

Buy good grooming tools from a good brand or store online and ensure you have everything that is needed including soap, shampoo, nail clipper, brush, ear cleaner, hair dryer meant for dogs, and so on. Buying a kit is better because the kit will contain all the tools needed. You can easily extract the kit when you need it and you will have all the required tools in front of you, saving you the frustration of looking around and finding the right tools to work with.

You should groom your dog at least once a week. If you can, brush his teeth twice or thrice every week with the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Beware though because he may absolutely hate what you are doing to him. He may even revolt. Train him to stay still when you brush his teeth. If he still hates it and refuses to listen, try using a mouth freshener or a mouth spray instead. You have many options to choose from when it comes to grooming tools. Choose the best based on how well your dog behaves when you groom him. Many dogs will get accustomed to the grooming procedure soon and will learn to love it. Thus, patience is the key.

Lastly, be gentle with your dog! He does not know what you are trying to do for him. Be patient and keep talking to him in soothing tones whenever you groom him. After every chore, give him a treat and pet him for cooperating with you. In no time he will learn to listen to you.

With dogs, lots of patience and love will help you triumph.