Dog yoga

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dog yoga

Kick start the day with some yoga follow it up with a rejuvenating massage and a warm aroma therapy spa session. Throw in a pedicure, some hair streaking and styling and top it all with a drive to the market for some retail therapy.Wrap up the day with an evening date. Loving the dream day? Woof! Woof! Hold on just a tinny winy moment. It’s not you we are talking about, but your four legged friend, your pet!Yes, it’s true. Though not so popular in India as yet, a lot of pet lovers go that extra mile to pamper and shower all the love they can, on their pets by doing things which others might find crazy or bizarre. We all tend to spoil our pets,whether by feeding them table scraps, making them sleep in our beds or taking a dip in the pool with them. So why not that little bit extra

Dog yoga or Doga sessions are quiet common in Mumbai. Organised on weekends by a group of pet lovers, this is an excellent way to bond with your pet while giving it undivided attention and doing your workout at the same time. While in Mumbai the trend is catching up fast, Doga sessions can be organised on request in Delhi. At our parlour, we are regularly visited by pet lovers wanting a relaxation massage,aroma therapy bath, hair styling, hair colouring streaking, pet hygiene, birthday makeover or just a pedicure for their loved ones. A lot of times, we’ve had to wake up the pet after the massage session!We even get content complaints from the owners about their pet sleeping the entire day after the message session. Lots of pets really love their hair streaked and their nails painted red and pink and sometimes, we even notice a change in their walk while leading their helper to their personal chauffer driven car. Many pet owners go to the extent of providing their pets with specially designed rooms fitted with television sets and other contraptions,three to four course meals, several helpers and yes,you heard us right, a personal chauffer driven car.Often enough, the car is used to visit their favorite pet shops where they actually choose the kind or type of snacks they like or the style of T-shirts,woolens, coats or jackets they prefer.

Time and again, friends owning pets visit each other to provide a healthy interaction to their pets while presenting them a chance to have fun play sessions.

Here’s a personal anecdote. Recently, we got excited after receiving a fancy birthday invitation card along with a box of sugar free chocolates. We thought here comes a special invitation from a pet lover who has gone to the extent of creating a hand made collage of his Poodle’s snaps for their child’s birthday invitation.


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