Essential First Aid For Dogs

Health, last updated 06th, Sep 2016, Maanasi Radhakrishnan

Dogs in all their playfulness sometimes run into a little trouble. That's when a first aid box comes in handy. As a dog owner it is a must to keep one at a convenient location so you can tend to your dog's need as soon as possible.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

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Should your dog ingest something toxic, which it might just do given how inquisitive these guys are, keep some hydrogen peroxide in the first aid box. It helps to induce vomiting thereby getting rid of  the ingested substance. This can work wonders for your pooch.

2. A Towel or Blanket

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If your dog manages to hurt itself, especially on the limbs, wrap them up in a soft blanket. This helps to calm them and give them a sense of security. Microfiber is highly absorbent and can come in handy in sticky situations. 

3. Bottled Water and Small Packages of Food or Treats

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Don't forget this point. It's sometimes so obvious that you miss out on them. An emergency stash of food and water works just fine. You have no idea how calming it is for a dog to see a treat when in pain. It helps distract them, which in turn obviously helps them forget the pain they are in.

4. Antibiotic Ointment

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Does your dog like to play outdoors all the time? Chances are, that he might end up, brushing his skin on more occasions than one. So keep some sort of antibiotic ointment which helps prevent infections, acting as a barrier from germs and bacteria. Also, one that relieves pain might also be useful.

5. Wet or Grooming Wipes

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Though they don't particularly come off as emergency material, should your dog decide to leave a load in the back seat of your car, presumably on the way to the vet, you'd have the situation under control. Also, they come in handy while wiping off muddy paws, or cleaning up a wound.

6. Extra Leash, Collar and Poop Bags

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What if your pooch ends up with a bad tummy? You don't want him 'going' everywhere, now do you. That's where poop bags come in. It's better to be prepared, we think and an extra leash does exactly that. If your dog's leash breaks, then you might just end up biting off more than you can chew. So keep one handy at all times.

Make sure there's always a first aid box in handy so you can put your pets out of their misery in no time. No one wants to see their dogs writhe in pain helplessly. It doesn't take a lot of time and neither does it much effort. So, what are you waiting for?