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Events Indian VETopia- 2017 : India's one of a kind Veterinary Expo held in Gurugram

Indian VETopia- 2017 : India's one of a kind Veterinary Expo held in Gurugram

10 Apr 2017 | by Surbhi |  Post Comments

National Veterinary Foundation (NVF) India, held its first Indian VETopia-2017 at KINGDOM OF DREAMS in Gurugram NCR, New Delhi from 7th to 9...Read More


Events Come Together And Celebrate At The Great Indian Dog Show!!

Come Together And Celebrate At The Great Indian Dog Show!!

05 Dec 2014 | by Neha Manchanda |  Post Comments

Yes! You heard it right!! It's time to celebrate!! There are so many myths that surround the Indian dogs whether it is about their n...Read More


Events Record Breaking Turnout At India's First Pet Convention Held In Delhi

Record Breaking Turnout At India's First Pet Convention Held In Delhi

11 Nov 2014 | by Adnan A Khan |  Post Comments

On Saturday, 1st November 2014, Delhi witnessed one of the most populous conventions held at Dilli Haat, quite rightly in the heart of Delhi...Read More


Events Commitment Comes With A Price, Companionship Does Not [Video]

Commitment Comes With A Price, Companionship Does Not [Video]

29 Sep 2014 | by Krithika |  Post Comments

"Went shopping with your girlfriend and she drained all your money? Well i am sure you have a major heartbreak at the moment. How about...Read More


Events Dogs, Undoubtedly Man's Best Friend [Video]

Dogs, Undoubtedly Man's Best Friend [Video]

29 May 2014 | by Shoumitro Roy |  Post Comments

Dogs are our best companions. They give us moral support and in many cases become a trusted guide for life. We mean this in literal terms. G...Read More


Events Looking for the right dog

Looking for the right dog

18 Jul 2011 | by phoebe |  Post Comments

When you get a Dog  home it binds you more to your family by giving all of you his unconditional Love and Affection. Having a Dog teach...Read More


Events My evening with the dogs at Alfa 11

My evening with the dogs at Alfa 11

15 May 2011 | by Ritika |  Post Comments

 So I arrived there in the evening expecting to find a mess but as I entered the gates everything was calm and peaceful, the way I reme...Read More


Events Best of My Genie

Best of My Genie

15 Feb 2011 | by hamachandran K |  Post Comments

Dear Friends, My dog Genie is with me since she is 20 days old. This is the 1st dog in my life. I got her as a marriage gift. She is very p...Read More


Events Agra Dog Show 2010

Agra Dog Show 2010

10 Feb 2010 | by DogSpot Team |  Post Comments

Show Date: 07 FEB 2010 Show Secretary: Mr. S. P. Malik Agra Dog Show 2010 Photos   Line up (Best in Show): ...Read More


Events Mumbai Show Results and Photos

Mumbai Show Results and Photos

08 Feb 2010 | by DogSpot Team |  Post Comments

 Photos: All breed championship Obedience Show Show Date: 6th and 7th Feb 2010 113th Al...Read More


Events Doggy see Doggy do

Doggy see Doggy do

15 Jan 2010 | by Rutaksha |  Post Comments

Call 9817785569 or mail rutaksha@creature-companions for registrations> The INDIA INTERNATIONAL PET TRADE FAIR (IIPTF) will be spilling ...Read More


Events Dog Show Lucknow

Dog Show Lucknow

09 Jan 2010 | by Rajan Mehrotra |  Post Comments

 Lucknow Dog Show 10 Jan 2010 - first of the year just after a show which was organised at the same venue - Reserve Police Lines Near ...Read More


Events where is the quality??

where is the quality??

22 Dec 2009 | by Dr Saurabh |  Post Comments

hi all,recently i went to a dog show hoping to find good specimen adhering to breed standards .while watching the show and the dogs brought ...Read More

https://www.dogspot.in/userfiles/images/kolhapur dog show.jpg

kolhapur dog show.jpg
Events Kolhapur Dog Show January2009

Kolhapur Dog Show January2009

12 Jan 2009 | by DogSpot Team |  Post Comments

Kolhapur dog Show held on 4th January 2009 Kolhapur Dog Show Photos Source: dogspot.in 18th Kol...Read More


Events Sandane Kennels- Great Danes - Gurgaon

Sandane Kennels- Great Danes - Gurgaon

17 Oct 2008 | by DogSpot Team |  Post Comments

Click here for Pedigree     "Size Does Matter" no we are not talking about another Jur...Read More


Events Jaipur Dog Fashion Show

Jaipur Dog Fashion Show

13 Mar 2008 | by Rana Atheya |  Post Comments

Jaipur India- Dog fashion show  Over 500 dogs will not only walk the ramp, but also dance and get points for obedience at a national le...Read More


Events Britain's Crufts dog show

Britain's Crufts dog show

13 Mar 2008 | by Shalesh Singh |  Post Comments

The world's largest dog show "Crufts" honored on Sunday night a dog the "Friends for Life" award, to highlight amazi...Read More


Events Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show- 2008

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show- 2008

11 Mar 2008 | by Vizal |  Post Comments

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Showis a two-day benched conformation show that takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York city every ...Read More


Events Crufts -- the biggest dog show in the world

Crufts -- the biggest dog show in the world

10 Mar 2008 | by Shalesh Singh |  Post Comments

The world’s largest dog show opened today in Birmingham, England, with about 23,000 dogs vying for the big best-in-show trophy, awarde...Read More

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