Fading Puppy Syndrome

Wellness, last updated 08th, May 2017, U K Atheya

There is sudden death of puppies during the first four weeks of whelping. This sudden death is known as fading puppy syndrome. The faders do not suck milk, cry, do not move in whelping box and show discomfort when touched. The casual agent is canine herpes virus.
The diagnosis is difficult, the post mortem or isolation of herpes virus is the only way.
The control of fading puppy syndrome can be done by reducing the stress, on the pregnant bitch.


Avijit Dutta
Is the canine herpes virus contagious! Does it get transmitted to the other puppies in the litter! What is the medication/treatment for prevention of the same! Please advise!!! thnx. avijit

By: Avijit Dutta | 11 Feb 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Herpes virus is contagious.The virus lives in the reproductive and respiratory tracts of male and female dogs and can be sexually transmitted. Currently there is no specific treatment for canine herpes. All treatment is aimed at supportive care.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 11 Feb 2010

Avijit Dutta
Thanx Anil. Appreciate your advice. could you please elaborate a bit on the Supportive care method & medication! recently I lost one of my golden retriever pup because of the same symptoms.

By: Avijit Dutta | 12 Feb 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
There was a case of the same type and blood of the stud dog was transfused in the pups when they started showing the symptoms and was successful.
I had rescued a Boxer female who sold to about 7 breeders but since pups died due to it finally i got her and had her utreus removed as was unable to find any solution in India.
There is One vet in Chennai who is treating a Boxer Bonnie of about 14 months. Id o not recall the name but heard he is the best vet there. I read about it on flight newspaper.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 14 Feb 2010

Dr Saurabh
DR nambi is professor,clinical medicine ,tanuvas who is treating the boxer bonnie.no doubt he is very good.
i wud like to know more abt blood transfusion in pups??wat was their age and where it was done??thanks

By: Dr Saurabh | 15 Feb 2010

Avijit Dutta
Thanx again. Got goosenecks while going through the articles. This should help a lot of interested people, provided they get the required pathological support. I would start finding out ways of understanding the easiest way to obtain the blood serum made, so that it becomes handy at the hour of crisis.

By: Avijit Dutta | 16 Feb 2010

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