Feeding milk to Dogs

Nutrition, last updated 16th, Jan 2020, U K Atheya

Milk has sugar lactose, which is broken down into glucose and glutose by enzyme lactase. The puppies produce this enzyme and are able to digest lactose in milk. But by adulthood in some dogs very little of this enzyme is produce so they do not digest milk. So lactose-free milk or Paneer(cottage cheese) can be given to dogs, not the milk as such.


Upto what age puppies can produce this enzyme (lactose) ?

By: Vizal | 26 Jul 2009

Tushar Kanchan
How imp is probiotics in dog nutrition, how does it help. Can you advice what is the ideal dosage for my 15 months old lab. Can dahi be used regularly in a dogs diet.

By: Tushar Kanchan | 24 Apr 2010

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