Feeding soya bean nuggets to dogs

Nutrition, last updated 14th, May 2017, U K Atheya

Avoid feeding soya beans to deep chest dogs  like Great Danes and Setters. These foods stimulates gas production and may cause bloat, which can be life threatening. The poorly processed soya meal has zinc deficiency factor, which may cause zinc deficiency symptoms; like bone, teeth and skin problems.


Is soyabean nuggets can be given to german shepherd pup.

By: Gaurav | 01 Aug 2009

Is soyabean nuggets can be given to LAB.

By: Deepak | 01 Aug 2009

Himanshu Mehta
Can Soya Nuggets be given to Rottweilers?

By: Himanshu Mehta | 25 May 2010

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