Getting ready for a new pup? Here's a checklist!

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First things first - CONGRATUATIONS!!! on becoming a proud pet parent to a new puppy!! Oh! the joy of watching the little bundle of tailwagging joy grow up, the funny antics, the pitter - patter of tiny paws in the house, the tiny barks that took up their entire energy and not to forget those tiny round tummies that are oh! so adorable when full!!! Puppies are a real joy to have and a huge responsibility too. Just like new born children, puppies too require a lot of attention, care and love to grow up into beautiful dogs. Pet parents in every sense are responsible for how their puppies will behave as they grow up.

We bring to you a quick check list as to what you will require to do in the first few weeks of bringing your puppy home. 

Getting ready for a new pup

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Some off the important things that you will require when you get home a new pup are:

  • Puppy food - depending on the breed of the dog, there are a variety of dry dog food available in the market. Top brands include Royal Canin, Science Plan, Farmina, Cibau, Eukanuba
  • Leash & Collar - puppies tend to wander off so a soft collar for the neck and a long leash for the puppy will be necessary
  • Bowls - Puppies require plenty of fresh water to drink and fresh food to eat. Having separate bowls for water and food would be wonderful
  • Dog bed - new puppies sleep between 18 - 20 hours a day and having a soft bed where there can sleep comfortably will be excellent. You can keep the bed in your room or at a place which is safe and away from all injury.
  • Grooming brushes - Giving a bath to a small pup is generally not advisable but that does not mean that they do not require cleaning up. Soft grooming brushes are excellent to gently brush the fur and increase the blood flow and circulation. Regular brushing also removes dead hair and skin.
  • Wet wipes & soft towels - Puppies are clumsy and end up getting dirty or wet. Having soft towels or wet wipes are helpful in giving them a quick clean up and reduce the onset of foul smell.
  • Chew toys - Just like small children, puppies too face teething dilemas and require plenty of chew toys so that they do not destroy shoes, electricals, furniture and upholstery.

In our next article, we will elaborate more on puppy care so that you have a wonderfful and memorable happy time growing old with your puppy!

Image Source: Country living / Labrador Training HQ

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