Got a new pet? Here's how to pet proof your home

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Congratulations!! on your new pet! Whether you are a proud parent to a cat or dog or to a bird, you will need to pet proof your home to keep your pets safe from any accidents in the house. Pets are such curious beings and they love to explore their surroundings and things in the house. Their curiosity means that there are a million things in the house that can hurt and injure your pet.

Here is a quick check list on pet proofing your home and ensuring the safety of your pets

Bath Area

Cats and dogs are curious beings and for reason the bath area is the most interesting part of the house. Puppy proof

Kitchen Area

Where there is food, there are going to be tail wagging, wing flapping, meowing followers for sure.

puppy proof 2

Bedroom Area

Our bedroom is the place where most of our knick knacks are present. 

puppy proof 3


The great outdoors!!! What a wonderful place to be in ... new sounds, interesting sights lots to explore

puppy proof 4Hope you have a wonderful time with your new pets. In our next article we will discuss more about how to help your puppy adapt to the thew new house.

Image source: Dog / Trade Price Tiles

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