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We love all things dog. In our endeavour to bring education to pet parents, we collaborated with Andrea Cyrill Khurana, President- Professional Pet Groomers Association, India & Business Owner at Petsburgh. In conversation with Cherian MJ, Winner of India Grooming Show 2019, she spoke about grooming between salon visits and also the tools to keep in your kitty. Read on more insights.

As beautiful as it is to be a dog parent, grooming your dog is something not everyone is familiar with. Grooming is much more than giving your dog a playful bath. Hygiene plays an integral part in your dog’s life, just like it does in yours. Grooming encompasses a whole range of processes and procedures. To educate you a little more on this and preparedness for the same, we have you covered! Rest assured, we are here to guide you every step of the way!  

Essential Tools For Grooming

There are various tools needed to begin and finish your dog’s grooming routine. The entire process may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but once you understand the basics of it, you will know that the grooming routine can be an excellent way to bond with your dog.


Brushing your dog’s hair is just as important as brushing your teeth! However, deciding on the right brush for you fur-baby depends on the kind of hair she has. Dog brushes come in handy mostly for a breed with long hair, which has the probability of getting tangled easily. A bristle brush, wire pin brush and slicker brush are some of the essential kind of brushes available in the market. Don’t be too rough while brushing your dog’s hair. Brush from the tips to roots. Using a conditioning spray helps in detangling the hair while brushing, without hurting your dog.


Combs are a vital tool for cutting your dog’s tresses. Even for a monthly trim, they are instrumental. Usually, from using a regular comb to a curry comb, you can choose as per your needs. Curry Combs generally have plastic or wood make. It is good to be careful while using a curry comb as they can hurt your dog. They are helpful for any dog shedding too much hair. 

Nail Clippers and Grinders

Your dog’s nails are susceptible and need the utmost care and attention. Just like you cut your nails, your dog needs to be checked if those nails have grown way too long! Dirty and uncared for nails can be a home to various bacteria and infections. Choose your nail clipper wisely and don’t forget to disinfect them before and after use. Don’t cut the nail too deep or too less. The best thing to do is to clip your nails every week so that they don’t grow too long, which can be a problem.

Clippers and Scissors 

Clippers and attachment combs are very useful in trimming or cutting your dogs tangled or matted hair. A cordless clipper is very useful in removing hair from hygiene areas. Your clipper does not have to be very expensive, as long as you know how to use it properly. Scissors have a wide range too, the True Iconic Scissors being the most expensive. The right scissors for your dog’s hair are very different from the one your hairdresser uses on you. The most basic hair scissors for dog’s measures between 6.5 to 9 inches in length.

The Right Shampoo For Your Dog

Once you are done with trimming the nails and the hair, you move on to shampooing your dog to make those tresses look and feel soft and lovely. Before anything, you must remember the shampoo you buy for your dog should be a shampoo made specifically for dogs. There is no particular shampoo brand you need to buy for your dog, although you must keep in mind that the shampoo which you are using should be a cleaning shampoo, which cleanses the pores of your dog’s skin beneath all that hair. It also adds lustre to the hair.

A lot of times, dogs end up having dry skin, if you shampoo too much. So be careful while deciding on the quantity you need. And do make sure you wash the shampoo out properly, without leaving any residue. 

After shampooing, the next step is conditioning, to give your dog’s skin and hair the moisturization they need. The conditioner should be dog specific too. One good tip while using conditioner on your dog is by diluting it. Take a small bit and mix it in a small jug of water; this makes it easy to spread. Also, spread it on the legs and don’t leave it just on the back.

Oiling Your Dog

No one ever hates an oil massage! Your dog would love it too, especially if your dog has dry skin or hair problems like dandruff. Dry skin can be due to a diet change or bathing too often or too less. Oiling helps in improving the blood circulation of your dog’s hair. The ideal time to leave the oil in the hair would be half an hour to a good 45 minutes. Avoid giving your dog a chance to lick the oil off. Virgin coconut oil is good for oiling your dog. Even if she licks it, it is safe. 

Dental Care For Your Dog

Brushing your dog’s teeth is something your dog may not enjoy. But for healthy and clean teeth it is advised to brush your dog’s teeth, at least, thrice a week. Use only dog-specific toothpaste and don’t be harsh while opening those jaws! Remember it is an alien activity for your dog in the beginning and may take her a while to get used to it. Be mindful of buying a gentle, soft, toothbrush.

Ear Infections

Keeping your dog’s ears healthy and clean is essential. Most dogs are prone to nasty ear infections if not taken care of properly. While cleaning your dog’s ear its best to clean all the way inside and the little gap between the ear and the neck. Use mild ear cleansers, and if your dog has long hair, trim her hair around the ears to have proper air circulation. 


1. Which is the best ear cleaner to use for cleaning my dog’s ears?

It is always best to use an ear cleaner prescribed by your vet. However, for general use, Epiotic Dog Ear Cleanser is a mild and a good ear cleaner for your dog.

2. I want to trim my dog’s nails at home. What should I use?

For anyone who wants to cut their dog’s nails at home and is having trouble in using a nail cutter, then using a nail grinder will be beneficial. A nail grinder makes your dog’s nails smooth and even. 

3. Apart from having all the tools for grooming what else do I need to have as a newbie in the grooming business?

One of the essential items you should have if you are new in the pet grooming business is a steady and well-built table. This table is useful for making the dog stand or sit on it while you groom her. went live with Andrea Cyrill Khurana, President- Professional Pet Groomers Association, India & Business Owner at Petsburgh with Cherian MJ, Winner of India Grooming Show 2019. 

We spoke about all things grooming related and how pet owners can groom their babies at home.

We hope we answered all your queries regarding the topic. In case you have any further questions about the topic, please feel free to leave it in the comments below. An expert will be happy to guide you!

Transcribed by: Naisan Rab

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