Grooming Your Boxer

Grooming, last updated 15th, Sep 2012, DogSpot

Your boxer is probably the most perfect companion amongst dogs, as it has an immaculate balance of traits ranging from the tellect and temperament of a Labrador, the speed of a Greyhound,aggression of a Rottweiler and companionship like that of a Pug. If that’s not enough, other things that Boxers have going for themselves is that they are very reliable,extraordinarily protective with children and extremely loyal to the family.


Being a short haired smooth coat pet, the boxer does not need a great deal of grooming, which is actually a welcome feature in a dog. Still standard grooming is needed and there are many spots on your Boxer that need to be specifically looked at.When giving your Boxer a bath a rubber glove or brushis recommended to help ease out or loosen dead hairfrom the coat. Use a circular motion while rubbing on.

the body and be prepared that most of the loose hair will not necessarily come off during the bath but perhaps while drying him. One may cut the whiskers while grooming a Boxer as dogs do not have any real use for them as cats do. You could still think that cutting the dogs whiskers is like shaving off a person’s moustache without his consent, so you may just decide to leave them on.

As a lot of dirt and wax generally collect in the ears,one must be careful in cleaning the same while grooming a Boxer. Folds below the eyes should also be cleaned properly to bring out any deposits whatsoever. A bath every once in a while will do good for your pet, but do not bathe your Boxer too frequently as Boxers are at risk of dry skin which may lead to skin diseases. If you discover any lumps in the skin please ensure that you get it examined by a Vet, as Boxers are prone to skin cancer.

The Boxer is one of the few dogs which in fact have a propensity to groom themselves, much like cats.Still one should take time for their pet as he may not be able to reach areas which you could easily reach.The Boxer is rather a large dog and it does not shed a lot; still brushing on alternate days is recommended. Use a firm single/double sided bristle brush for your Boxer to remove dead hair and dust particles stuck in the coat. The brushing motion flow of the coat. A double sided bristle brush is more apt, as the harder side could be used against the coat and the softer with the flow of the coat. These grooming sessions strongly help in bonding with your pet while keeping them ‘neat n clean’.