Grooming your Terrier

Grooming, last updated 17th, Sep 2012, chandan kumar singh


Terriers have a wide and varied range of coat types, from that of an American Staffordshire Terrier which has a smooth shorthaired coat to the beautiful fluffy coat of a Bedlington Terrier. A few breeds amongst the terriers are a groomer’s delight, as the wonderful clips and breed specific styles each provide a good groomer the opportunity to show-off or showcase what they are best at.

In India you will find breeds like the West Highland White Terrier, Scottish Terrier,Fox Terrier, Miniature schnauzer, Bull Terrier and Airedale Terrier off and on.Another one that is now starting to make its presence felt is the Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkie’s have a very high maintenance coat and need to visit a professional groomer at least once a month to keep the beautiful coat in tip-top condition.Let us run through a few things that should be paid attention to whilst grooming your Yorkie at home.

Use a combination of pin brush,comb & slicker brush while combing the hair.
Brush your Yorkie daily. Before brushing, spray your him/her with a coat conditioner or water mix. This will help prevent breakage and split ends.
Wipe out the eye stains around the eye rim with the eye wipe or cotton ball on a daily basis. Be very careful not to get the wipe into the eye, this can really hurt the pet!
Commit to memory to clean your Yorkie’s ears and teeth, once a week.Use a cotton ball and ear cleaner to clean the ears.

Brush your Yorkie’s teeth with a toothbrush and dog toothpaste regularly. For Yorkies you can even use a tiny finger brush with plastic bristles which you can buy from any pet store. Brushing your pet’s teeth is extremely essential and can avoid painful and expensive dental surgery later in live.

Remember to bathe your pet fortnightly. If your pet sports a ‘Show Coat’ then weekly bathing is advised.
Insure that after bathing, there is no trace of any substance but water on the coat.
All dogs and especially Yorkie’s are very shy with people handling their feet, so you should start getting their nails clipped right from puppyhood.

Yorkshire Terriers have an excellent temperament and a definite level of grace in them, which make them perfect for Dog Shows. If your Yorkie’s coat is well maintained and professionally attended to, he/she can emerge as a sure shot winner, every time around!