Heat Stroke in Dogs

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The dog is a non-sweating, animal. Its thermoregulation is mainly, by painting. During painting the dog hangs its tongue out and licks water repeatedly. A very limited cooling also takes by sweating from footpad. If the temperature is high for long period then the cooling fails and dog body becomes overheated. The body temperature over 105 f (40.5 C) is dangerous. A dog should be removed to shade and be given a bath with cold water but not frozen water. If humidity is high then fanning will be required. The bath should be given until the body temperature comes down to 103 F (39.4 C). While cooling the temperature may drop, 100 F (37.8 C) but this is not injurious. The old dogs, overweight dogs and short nose dogs (boxer, pug and bulldog) suffer more than the long nose dogs. Small, toy dogs have higher metabolic rate and they suffer more than the large dogs. Once the dog starts throwing water from the water bowl, it is the sign of overheating of the body.

The heat stroke can be avoided by:

• Providing water.

• Good ventilation.

• Keep the dog in shade.

• Let dog dig a hole in the wet soil and sit in it.

• Keep the car windows open even if it is parked in shade.

• See that your inverter is in working condition when pups are with a female dog

• Never keep pups the in whelping box during summers.

• In cold weather never park your car with the dog, in sun.

• Give ORS, electoral to drink.

• Never tie your dog in sun.

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