How to Help an Arthritic Dog Get Comfortable

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June 23, 2010

Canine arthritis is a progressive condition that can occur within any joint, though the hips are most commonly affected. In addition to proper medical treatment, here are tips to increase comfort for arthritic dogs:

1. Help your pet maintain a healthy body weight. Leaner body mass relieves pressure on the joints.

2. Monitor your dog's exercise. Too much strenuous exercise can be harmful, while too little will weaken muscles and cause inflamed joints.

3. Do not encourage exertion such as leaping or extended running.

4. Prevent jumping up onto beds other places within your home. Consider a step stool to help your dog up to his/her favorite bed or couch.

5. Consider dog food and treats that are rich in glucosamine, cherry extract and other ingredients that help promote healthy joints