Here is Why Your Dog Hates to Bathe, Though He Loves to Swim!!

Wag News, last updated 09th, Aug 2016, Ruchika Anand


Getting your dog to bathe is one of the most trying experiences for any dog owner. Dogs are not too fond of taking a soak in the water. They probably fear that they might get sucked up and feel a sense of discomfort. While you might find many videos of dogs swimming and surfing along with their owners, taking bath is something these lovable canines detest. One of the reasons could probably be that they might not be able to balance their bodies while taking a bath, so they end up avoiding it like a plague. You never know if your dog is feeling claustrophobic in a closed space with a lot of running water and soap. It could be an overwhelming experience for them.

Make bathing fun

If you live in an apartment, you don’t have a choice but give them  abath indoors. It takes a lot of convincing and preparing yourself to get you dog to the bathroom. Dogs might not enjoy the scent of shampoos and soaps, so getting a mild scented soap that the dog is comfortable with might be a good start. Don’t create a lot of foam in the bath tub. It is good to avoid bath tub as much as possible. Using a harness and helping them calm down with their favorite toy might just help. You could probably also turn on their favorite music with some treats to calm their nerves. Try and make the floor less slippery when giving dog a bath. They might not like their entire coat being brushed with soap, so you have to ensure they are feeling comfortable by giving them treats while brushing them.



Bathing outdoors

If you have a garden or an outdoor area, this works best to get your dog to take a bath. They might be more comfortable taking bath in an open space instead of an enclosed area. They love and enjoy sunlight. After taking their bath, they might also have ample space to run around. You might find your dog cooperating better bathing outdoors than indoors.

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Exercise before bath

Like us, dogs too might enjoy a soak in lukewarm water after sweating it out exercising. One of the best ways to prevent your dog from resisting taking a bath is to take them on a walk, playing with them or making them exercise till they feel worn out. They might appreciate your efforts to help them relax with a spa like experience for your dog. It might work for dogs of all breeds and pups. Starting early can help your dog get accustomed to taking baths.

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Spraying when needed

Clean their face by spraying water on that area instead of pouring water directly on their head. They might not like it at all. Spraying water can make them feel easy and keep the towel ready to immediately pat dry.

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