Holi Tips for Dog Owners: Celebrating the right way!

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It is the festival of colors! It is the festival of lowering your guards, taking some time out, and smearing your loved ones with colors – colors of happiness, colors of bonding, colors of fun, and colors of LOVE!

Indeed, Holi insinuates love, frolic, and enjoyment among the many other things.

Amidst all this fun, mischief, and delight, you need to take a few precautions especially if you have pets. While it may be a fun and exciting day for you, it may not be the same for your little friend. You may think he is enjoying but how’d you know? He can’t complain if it is bothering him now, can he? Also, owing to the fact that Holi is such an absorbing festival, we tend to forget about our pet’s feelings and problems all together! If you want your pet to participate in the festivities, you have to take a lot of care to ensure that he is not suffering because of you.

There are two aspects of Holi: Colors and Sweets. Both of them can cause potential harm to your pet. Wondering how? Read on.


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Take my advice and DON’T smear your pet at all. That is the safest thing you can do for him. Why, you ask? It seems completely okay, you say? Well, some things are not right there in the face for you to see but that doesn’t mean they are not true. Colors contain very harmful chemicals, which while being safe for YOU are very harmful for your PETS. Please realize that you and your pet are NOT of the same make! They are completely different and what seems very safe can actually be very dangerous. Moreover, there are a few breeds that are even more susceptible. For example, dogs with short hair coat, senior dogs, and puppies are the most sensitive to the colors of Holi.

Dry colors consist of lead, which is a poison. Do you want to know what you could do to your pet if you smeared him with such colors? Nasal irritation, infection, and respiratory allergies on inhalation of these colors! Is that not enough cuing for you to back off? Well, here’s more. If you have smeared your pet with colors last year, you will know that pets tend to flip out. That is because they are HIGHLY uncomfortable. They don’t like being smeared because they have sensitive senses. The color can VERY easily get into their eyes and their nose, causing too much discomfort and problems. Are you sure you want to do this to your dog?

Also remember that all animals lick themselves. If your dog licks the color, he will not just throw up, he will feel sickened for a long time. If your pet is sensitive to the colors, he may also have rashes on his skin. Will you accept it if someone does so much harm to you? No, right? Then what gives you the right to harm your pet to this extent just because YOU are having fun? Holi is all about love and bonding, people. It is NOT about hurting and inflicting damage to others.

If you have kids at home, safeguard your pets from them because kids don’t understand that they may end up hurting their pets. They may throw water balloons on the pet and this can easily go into your pet’s eyes and nose, causing too many complications for your loved pet. It is your responsibility to keep your dog safe from all these problems. Don’t take him out along with you to play Holi. He is MUCH safer at home.


Sweets are an essential part of the festival of colors. While everyone plays Holi, the women in our houses work hard in the kitchen to prepare mouth-watering sweets for everyone. Remember that sweets are not ideal for pets. I am sure most of you hate consuming anything without sharing it with your fur ball. I hate it too. But isn’t safety more important? You should channelize your love towards your pet not by pampering him in all wrong ways but by taking very good care of him and making sure he is safe and healthy.

The sugar, butter, and cream used in the sweets are harmful to pets. They can cause indigestion problems. Buy him special dog treats if you wish to and pamper him in the right way!

After the festival

After a few hours of fun, happiness, and loads of naughtiness, it is time to get cleaned up. If your pet has been smeared with color [assuming that this has happened despite your efforts to keep him safe and not because of your selfish recklessness], use ONLY a good dog shampoo to get rid of the color. DON’T use hair oil or spirit or kerosene to get rid of the color. Using such harm substances can damage the coat and cause intense hair fall. If pet has been hit in the eye, wash it with plain tepid water. Rush to the vet immediately if you find that your loved pet is still suffering and his eye is read or watering. Take care at every step!

Some suggestive measures

  • Keep your friends smeared in holi colours away from your dog so that he doesn't get agitated
  • Keep your dog leashes or muzzled if you have guests coming in
  • Keep water balloons, other holi paraphernalia out of the reach of dogs as they may end up chewing and swallowing them
  • In case you dog gets colour on his coat, trim that portion or wash it off. Also in case he igests or gets splashed in his eye, consult a vet


Are you feeling sad that you can’t spend Holi with your pet? Did you have plans to rejoice? Have it just spilled ‘colored water’ on your plans? Well, here’s an idea!

You want to play with your pet, right? You want to use Holi as a reason to bond with him, for sure. Instead of dragging him along to play Holi with you and inflicting a world of pain on him, why not spend some amazing time with your pet in the evening? Once you are done with playing with your family and friends, clean up, and spend some quality time with your pet. Pamper him with yummy dog treats if you wish, pet him, play with him, and give him lots of time. Our busy schedules have made it impossible to spend more than a few minutes with our pets, I know. Why not use Holi as a special day to bond with your pet then? Trust me, he will appreciate your time more than you can possibly imagine!


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