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Dogs Are Beasts .......They Are Blessed With The Canine Tooths ......And They Have Right To Tear And Wear The Food Before They Swallow....It

Chicken Based Homemade Balls ...Including Cheese Granules.....& Flour .....Should Be Baked And Given To Dogs Like GSDs/ Labradors  With Milk .....They Will Love It.....

Chicken Extracts Mashed Thoroughly Into Boiled Rice .....Minced And Mixed Properly Will Give Your Pet A Hell A Lot Of Nutrition.

Never Excercise Dog After Giving Him Food. It Is Recomended To Chain Him For One Hour......Let Him Sleep....And Then Let Him Go..

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Anil @ DoggiesDude
Most dog foods on the market are made with some form of grain. Although grain is not a bad ingredient, it seems that some dogs thrive much more on a dog food made without grain. If you have a dog that suffers from an allergy problem or a chronic illness, there is a chance that your dog food may be the culprit. For some reason many dogs have a hard time digesting certain types of grain, therefore they develop allergies to their dog food. Most allergies in dogs manifest as skin allergies and sometimes sensitive stomachs as well.

Views differ on the type of Diet (kibbles, home made ie cooked and RAW). All have some good ending and bad ending. how one implements is most important.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 30 Dec 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
I have recently got some sample of a Brazil brand of feed distributed by Pfizer. Its very attractive in shape (cosmetic though) and dogs liked it too. most of the food have grains in it.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 03 Jan 2010

Eukanuba and RC have plenty of grain. they are considered as two of the crappiest dog foods in developed countries, but the other brands in Indian market are even worse. Pedigree is the worst.

RAW if managed proper;y by the owner and the dog (some dogs are not very comfortable with RAW, they do not chew, swallow and digest it the right way) is a good option and THE OPTION.

By: bhartan | 27 Mar 2010

abhijit dutta
pedigree is definitely no more than food industry waste.. its like feeding your dog on street remains...
rc is not bad...i have been using on all my dogs.. but yeah...its not complete diet/nutrition as they claim it to be. i have had experienced. the best possible solution i could find based on my observation and feedback is that complement rc with home cooked food. in that way both (rc n home food) make up for each others deficits. boiled chicken (along with organs) mashed into boiled rice, beet roots and soya all mashed up wonderful effect when coupled with RC.

By: abhijit dutta | 02 Apr 2010

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