How to successfully house train your new dog in 10 simple ways

Training, last updated 29th, Mar 2017, Ruchika Anand

Did your new puppy dirty every inch of your house? Puppies have a tendency to eliminate very often and just about everywhere. The right time to house train your beautiful pet is the day that they enter your home. If you plan to ad a new furry member to your family, take a look at these 10 simple ways to house train your new dog.

1. Practice patience

Facing a bad day at work? Don’t want to get up from your couch? However your day is, when you have a new pup at home, you need to run around them all the time. House training your adorable puppy is akin to nursing an infant. Anger tantrums, needless scolding, beating or any form of physical punishment is a complete no-no.

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2. Set a routine

Like infants, puppies are well-behaved when they are taught to follow a proper schedule. Adhering to a certain pattern is a sure way of ensuring that your pup follows a fixed time to eat, play and go out for a walk.

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3. Use a crate

Using a crate is the best way of teaching bladder and bowel controls to your dog. The beautiful ball of fur typically does not like to dirty its own living place. Make sure that the crate is spacious enough for your dog to sit, stand, spin around and lie down.  Position in the most crowded portion of your home so that your pup doesn’t feel isolated.

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4. Frequent bathroom breaks

Your dog would need at least 6 bathroom breaks for the first few days. You can spread these breaks throughout the day by timing them during an early morning, mid morning, lunch time, post lunch, after dinner and just before bed time.

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5. Be generous with your appreciation

Your adorable furry pals love compliments and treats. When you find your pup ‘doing his business’ at the right spot or sitting at the right spot, shower it with praises and love. A few delicious treats won’t hurt either.

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6. Don’t punish your pup for the mistakes you haven’t seen

If you walk into your room and find half chewed shoes, dirty carpet or broken stuff, don’t get into an all-out punishment mode. Dogs have the ability to co-relate your anger with their mistakes. You don’t have to shout, beat or punish your dog for its mistakes; there are other ways to get your point across.

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7. Feed your pup regularly- Follow a regular feeding schedule for your pup. Your canine companions will eliminate as per its feeding schedule. Also, make sure you feed your pup at the same time everyday to encourage consistent eliminating time.

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8. Remove your dog’s water bowl before bedtime

 A few hours before you hit the bed, remove the water bowl to prevent your puppy from drinking water and dirtying the house while you are sleeping at night. This simple trick can save your sleep.

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9. Never leave your pup alone

Your puppy needs constant attention and care. For the first few months, don’t ever leave your pup alone. Always keep an eye on it, even when you are busy.

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10. Consistency

With a pup around, you’ll have to be very clear and consistent. Don’t confuse your cuddly little ones with mixed instructions.

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Being the best dog owner in this world starts with house training a dog. So, go ahead and train your little one. It’ll make your life easier.

If you know of a house training trick that worked for you, do share it with us....