Indian Dog Breeds: How Many Can you Name?

Indian Breeds, last updated 02nd, Sep 2020, Kritika Ponia

India is home to numerous different breeds of dogs but the sad part is that not all of them have been documented. Only a few have made the effort to write about the various numbers of breeds in India and they have only been able to find out about the dogs that are more in population. We barely know much about rare Indian dogs. The sadder part is that many people prefer to adopt foreign dogs and Indian dogs are neglected. The saddest part is that many people can’t even name one Indian dog breed! Are you among those ignorant people? Well, you are not the only one I must say. I would be lying if I said I know of the many Indian breeds myself. Why, it is time to expand your knowledge and learn something about the beautiful dogs indigenous to this beautiful country! Here are a few of the very popular Indian dog breeds along with some information about each of them: Caravan Hound: Indian Dog Breeds Source: These dogs have a narrow and long head with a tapering muzzle. They shouldn’t be underestimated because their jaws are particularly powerful. They are black in color with a long, pretty nose and long ears. Their large eyes are beautifully dark hazel in color. These alert and keen dogs have a long and muscular neck. The male dogs of this breed are usually 68 to 72 cm tall and the female dogs are a little shorter at 64 to 68 cm. Their back and their legs are well built and muscular. Usually they are found in colors such as red, black, cream, or fawn. White is a common color. The others are interspersed with it. Combai: Indian Dog Breeds Source: These are pure bear hounds. When compared to the Rajapalyam, they are shorter but are well built and appear heavier. These dogs are generally brown in color or red in color. Back in the day they were used popularly to hunt deer, bison, and boar. If you go by history, you will see that these dogs have been India for centuries together. They were used way back in the ninth century B.C. under the Marawa Kings of Southern India. Chippiparai: Indian Dog Breeds Source: This dog hails from Southern India, particularly in the Thanjavur district. Its body is compact and streamlined – perfect for chasing. These dogs are independent and hate socializing with anyone else other than their masters. They don’t even like being petted by anyone else. They have dark eyes and a bony tail. They are low maintenance dogs and love playing outdoors. They are not very fussy or particular about Dog food. They are weather resistant and are very hardy. These dogs are inherently excellent hunters. Rajapalayam: Indian Dog Breeds Source: The breed gets its name from a town in South India named Rajapalayam. These dogs are nicely built, very muscular, and powerful. They can be considered as mini Great Danes. They are hunting dogs and were used back in the day to hunt hare and boar. These dogs are white in color and have loose, pinkish skin. If you pet the dog on the head, you will find that the hair is soft. However, the hair on the body is weirdly coarse. The tail of these dogs resembles a whip. Train the properly dog and you will have the best dog breed ever! Rampur Hound: Indian Dog Breeds Source: Rampur is a small village that lies between Delhi and Bareilly. Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur bred these dogs by combining ferocious and powerful lines of Tazi and the English Greyhound. These hounds are very powerful and have very strong jaws. The stronger of the Rampur Hounds can even attack a bull. These hounds hunt jackals, deer, and vermin. Indian Mastiff: Indian Dog Breeds Source: Indian Mastiff is also known as Bulli Kutta or Alangu Mastiff. The dogs are indigenous to the Punjab state. They are highly aggressive and protective. They can even bite other dogs when threatened. The body of these dogs is well toned and muscular. Males grow to a height of around 30 to 33 inches and the females grow to about 27 to 30 inches. They have pointed tails. Kanni: Indian Dog Breeds Source: These are rare dogs, indigenous to South India. They are mostly found in Madurai, Sivakasi, Kileral, Kovilpatti, Tirunelveli regions. The name Kanni means Unmarried Girl. The dogs have been named as such because there was a tradition of gifting these dogs to the bridegroom right before the wedding. They are mainly hunting dogs and the owners families take good care of them. They are never sold but may be gifted if the recipient swears that he will take good care of the dogs. They are usually given milk every morning and meat once a week. Gaddi Kutta: Indian Dog Breeds Source: These dogs resemble mastiffs and live in Northern India, usually in the Himalayas. Their other names are Mahidant Mastiff and Indian Panther Hound. They are usually mastered by a tribe named Gaddi, from where they get their name. These dogs are intelligent and strong at the same time. Alangu: Indian Dog Breeds Source: This one is another South Indian dog. They hail from Tiruchi and Thanjavur districts. These dogs are tall and have a short coat. They usually have white spots on their chest region and they may be black, fawn, or red colored with a black muzzle. They have a tapering tail. They are well built dogs. There are numerous more Indian dog breeds including Kuchi, Kaikadi, Jonangi, Bisben Sheepdog, Alaunt, Kinnaur Sheepdog, and so on. Now that you know that India houses such beautiful, faithful, well built, and adorable dogs, why not adopt an Indian dog for a change? Stop running behind foreign breeds and then complaining that there are barely any Indian breeds. Remember, there are plenty! You just need to have the time to look for them and once you get to know about them, you will discover how very lovable these dogs are. All these dogs make wonderful pets and you shouldn’t miss a chance of adopting one of them. Based on your likes, you can pick any of these beautiful breeds. They all deserve love, attention, and care!

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