Is Grain-Free Food For Your Cat A Better Choice?

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There is a lot of talk in the pet community about grain free foods, and you might be wondering what’s causing all the hype. Many scientists believe that a grain free diet is more appropriate for cats because they are carnivores, and foods rich in proteins rather than grain-based carbohydrates more closely resemble their natural diet.

Is grain the problem?

Grains like corn, wheat, and rice are the foundations for many cat foods. This is because they are cheap to produce and allow the food manufacturer to meet the carbohydrate requirements for their foods while saving some money.

These types of grains, however, can cause problems for some cats. Some cats are allergic to grains, and others have a hard time digesting them. A wild cat’s natural diet would contain more protein, and they would likely ingest only small amounts of carbohydrates through the proteins (or animals) they consumed.

Here are 6 Reasons why you should opt for Grain- Free Cat Food by Farmina Pet Foods

Here's the only trusted Natural & Delicious grain-free Cat Food range available in India.

1. More premium ingredients than the usual food: Natural & Delicious grain free pet food is designed in such a way that satisfies the carnivorous nature of cats. All products in this range are made of  premium Human grade ingredients & are also gluten free .Grain free diets can contain more of the ingredients that your cat would be eating in the wild. Proteins like fish and meat are found in greater amounts in some grain free foods.

2. Grain sensitivity: Some cats develop an allergy to grains, and grain free diets aim to eliminate the ingredients causing the sensitivity. However, Natural & Delicious . Their high-quality food is made up of 70% animal ingredients and 30% vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals.

3. High in Protein: Being the best nutritional choice for cats & kittens, N&D's grain free products are GMO (Genetically modified organisms) & by products free. With 42% of protein level  every N&D cat meal comes with correct amounts of protein & because grain free foods can be higher in protein, they can also be higher in fat. But N&D eliminates that with it ingredients infused with limited carbs & fats.

4. Rich in high Quality Vitamins:  Natural ingredients and antioxidants support the healthy digestion and strong immunity. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid blend supports healthy skin and coat.

5. Worth the money: Natural and Delicious cat Food is Rich in high-quality vitamins that have a long lasting effectiveness because of the advance method Vacuum Coater System. Vacuum coater technology also allows adding vitamin at lower temperatures which prevent thermal stress. Vitamins are now effective for longer periods of time enabling to achieve the concept of Long Life Vitamins. Grain free foods that contain more protein will likely be more expensive. However, you will probably be feeding your cat smaller portions because of the high protein, so this may make up for the price difference.


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