Natural Nutritional Solution For The Well-being Of Pets.

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Farmina Vet Life Natural Diet is a new era, advanced, veterinary diet for pets, and the first only natural vet diet. Farmina Vet Research makes its production by utilizing latest technological Innovation and also keeps the future challenges in mind. The Natural & super quality of its products contribute to the well-being and health of our pets. Farmina accurate and advanced scientific research led its collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition of the University of Naples Federico II and together had created the natural diet supporting the pet to overcome or support to live better. Farmina gained experience with the development of ideal nutritional strategies, perfect to the Physiology of dogs and cats, made Farmina vet research possible to create and formula – The the first veterinary natural diet which can be characterized by: Free of Artificial preservative, Only Natural Antioxidants, tocopherols rich extracts which allow a natural preservation of the food and safe for the pets. In a complete vet life range, no artificial preservative is used, prevents our pets from being safe from health effect of artificial preservative. All the Products in Farmina vet life range are completely Gmo-free. All natural food without genetically modified organism completely safe and away from problems comes with GMO. Farmina keeps check on its ingredients sourcing and does not include the ingredient such as corn where there are high chances of getting GMO. Farmina vet life uses ancestral grain such as oats and spelt to avoid getting GMO. The use of ancestral cereals in the diet leads to Low Glycemic Index which modulates perfectly the postprandial glycemic response. Low grain foods have ancestral grain which releases energy slowly fulfilling the daily requirement without any stress on the organ. They are also rich in fiber supports digestion of food and keep the pet healthy. Farmina Vet Life Natural Diets products are also packed in protective atmosphere to avoid fats oxidation and preserve always fresh the product. Respect as the basis for our scientific research In common clinical trials it generally happens with the kennel or big research center with kennel but with clinical trials set up by Farmina Vet Research is done ­with dozens of independent Veterinarians operating all over Italy who offer a nutritional solution to cats and dogs already affected by diseases. In this whole trial, pet lives with its family and have the chance to improve its condition. There is no change in its environment and routine except the diet, a complete respect, and support to animal welfare. Farmina has health issue specific food to support healthy living with the disease or health problems. Vet Life diet is available for both dogs & cats to support their health needs. Product range has - Gastrointestinal feline, Struvite feline, Renal feline, Obesity feline, UltraHypo feline, Hairball Feline, Growth canine, Joint canine, Convalescence canine, Gastrointestinal canine, Hepatic canine, Struvite canine, Struvite Management canine, Oxalate canine, Renal canine, Cardiac canine, Obesity canine, Diabetic canine, Ultrahypo canine, Hypoallergenic Fish & Potato canine, Neutered 1-10kg canine, Neutered +10kg canine. All the above vet life diet are available with the vet and are only sell on vet prescription. Feed your pet with all natural diet providing nutritional solution along with supporting it to overcome or improve their condition with the problem.

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