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Hello everyone,

There is a query for U all. I have recently shifted to a new apartment in Patparganj. There is a stray dog (adult) in my societ, and I have started feeding him daily twice in a day. I just wanted to know what sort of home cooked food I can give him coz god knows he will like the taste of Pedigree foods as he would have never tasted it for sure. Right now I give him milk & rice, milk & chapati & nonveg. Whatelse can I give him, like sumthing vegetarian. Plus since he is a stray dog I guess he is having ticks coz he's always biting himself or scratching (he is hairy too). I really want to help this poor dog, I have fallen in love with him. Will it be helpful if I start giving him garlic clove in his meal? As I can't bathe him coz he is not my pet dog that he will allow me to do so, our union is just a week old, I can't even take him to a parlour as no one will attend him nor a vet. What I can do is make him wear a tick collar or spray anti-tick on him. Also, how safe is it to touch him will I carry any infection, or by chance he licks me out of love.
Can you tell why does he howls a little bit when I give him his food & he finishes it, is he expressive his thanks or love.

please give me your suggestions, eagerly waiting for it.


manjit sharma
hi...its very good that u r trying to save a stray dog.ya food is excellent which u r giving.u can mix one boiled egg daily.this is for protein.so ur food is compelete.dnt use pedigree n all dog foods.cos may b he refused 2 eat cos of its taste.i ll become a new taste for him,so the home food u r giving is best for ur dog.
for ticks treatment u can buy a anti tick powder " NOTIX " u can purchase it from any vet or pet shop,after bath when dog ll dry u can use this powder from nose inside ears n whole body.n also in between paws,use this treatment twice in a week.dog ll b fine n use a coller also.ven u fix a coller in his neck nobody ll hurt or beat ur dog,coller represents this is pet dog kept by sm1 not stray.this is a mark.so use a good type of neck coller.there is no problem if u r feeding him he ll never attacks on u.dogs having sixth sense.they can understand r feelings r touch the way we r handling him, treating him,ya but one more thing dnt use force on him.he ll do n respond everything bt you have to handle it with softness.n do one more thing take 3 tablets of good dewormer..like prazi-plus.this ll help in its internal worms.ya he is very very thankful 2 u ven u gave his food.if any other problem u r free to call me at 09335566222.

By: manjit sharma | 10 Sep 2009