Do you own the most intelligent dog breed?

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Ever wondered why some dogs are trained to be sniffer dogs detecting drugs, bombs, and saving lives? And others prefer to get cuddled and spend the rest of their day lazying around on the couch but are quick to sense danger and will go to any length to protect the master. So who would you say is the most intelligent dog breed out of the two? Well according to experts, it is relative. If we believe the renowned book The Intelligence of Dogs, authorStanley Coren says the ability of a dog to get trained is a determinant of his intelligence. And, this could be true. The early a dog responds to his training, to the commands he is given and starts adapting to it, the smarter he should be.  How to Train A Dog 

Coren lists out the criteria of his research as instinctive, adaptive and working and obedience intelligence. A dog can be called intelligent if he does well in doing things that his breed was bred for like hunting or guarding. The other criteria looks at the state when the dog is faced with a problem and he can solve it independently. Lastly, a dog that can easily learn from the humans is an intelligent dog. While all this makes sense, you are free to look at a dog’s intelligence from your individual perspective.

Basic Of Training A Dog

So people, if you too want to get a smart breed or already have dogs at home, you can look up this list and see if your dog belongs to it or not.

Border Collie

Hailing from Great Britain, these are herd dogs. They are always on the go. They are restless, can’t sit idle. Border Collies need to be busy always in doing something or they feel they are wasting their time. One of the easiest dog breeds to train, they need to be mentally stimulated all the time. If you don’t want them to mess up your home, you need to take them outdoors for some activity so that their energy can be channelized in the right direction. Quick and obedient is how you can describe them the best.


Cute and cuddly Poodles can easily live up to 13 to 15 years. These easily trainable dogs love to be around humans and will carry out instructions quickly, but sometimes will do things the way they want to do them. They are extremely adaptable and are good at water sports.

German Shepherd

Most movies that show police trying to locate bombs or mines or goons, also show German Shepherds doing the job for them. Well these aren’t made up. German Shepherds are an intelligent dog breed. They are quick to understand cues and are extremely protective and possessive about their masters too. Take care of them and love them if you live with them or else God save you! 

Golden Retriever

Friendly and affectionate is what you would call them. Always wanting to please and get a pat on their head, Golden Retrievers are used for a number of tasks including assisting people with visual or hearing impairment. As search dogs, their reputation is well established too. But if you own a Golden Retriever, take care that he should not get friendly with lot many strangers as is their basic nature.  


Aggressive, scary, intimidating and the like. These are some of the adjectives generally used for Doberman species. While they may be all this and more, their usefulness as guard dogs can’t be denied. Most rich people would prefer Doberman as the breed for them since these dogs are almost perfect in their role as fierce guard dogs. Yet, they are also easily trainable and extremely loyal. 

Shetland Sheepdog

These are very hard working dogs and seek perfection in all their tasks. They are very friendly with their masters but suspicious of all strangers. According to the research done by Dr Stanley Coren, a Sheltie (short for Shetland Sheepdog), can understand a new command in less than five repetitions. Quite attentive!

Labrador Retriever

Probably one of the most popular family dogs species in India, Labrador Retrievers are happy to be around people. Eager to please their owners, these dogs are generally good with both kids and elderly. Their smartness is also used by defence forces as detective dogs. Labrador Training 


Easy to train, watchful and obedient-that’s a Papillon for you. One of the most intelligent small dog breeds, Papillons have stamina like any other large breed dog. They may look very friendly and cute with their adorable butterfly ears, but they only become comfortable with the people they live with. You need to make them easy in the company of strangers. All in all, happy and adventurous is what you can call them.  


Originally from Germany, this breed is fearsome and is traditionally used as a guard dog or a hunting dog. But, over the years, their roles have taken on new forms. Now days they make up as excellent family dogs too. Calm, confident and focussed, a Rottweiler is forever eager to take on more work and is very trainable too.   

Australian Cattle Dog

Coming from Australia where it was bred as a hunting dog, an Australian Cattle Dog is a very alert and resourceful dog. It is quite independent in nature. Once you tell them something, they’d make sure it is done. Just don’t let them get bored or else they’ll make your life miserable for want of work. They can be trained to live with a family and adapt themselves to the company of humans around, from the time they are born.


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