Preparing for Summers - Pet Safety Tips

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How to take care of your dog in this scorching summer

Ah, it’s summer, a time which humans and dogs both like. Its fun to play outside in summer irrespective of the rising temperature. Remember when you were kid and you played outside for long hours during summer and your parents were worried; similarly as a matured adult and guardian its your responsibility to take care of your dog’s health and comfort without compromising on the fun factor. Yes summers can be good for a few days as it gives relief from the harsh winters, but in few days it not only turns into a fight for survival for us but can be much more riskier for your pet as well.

As a dog owner if you take some precautionary measure and follow some simple safe practices, this summer can turn into a memorable adventure not only for your family but your dog too would be feeling great. These precautions and safe practices can save you a sudden rush to your vet and can prevent an unfortunate event of coping with death of your pet.

So if you want your dear puppy to be active, joyful and comfortable for the entire summer season you have to be prepared to fight the scorching sun for your pet and follow the following safety tips..

1. Protect Your Pet From Heat - Your dog will be happy going outside and playing with you but remember that they pant to control their body temperature. This safety mechanism may fail if it is too hot outside. Your dog can suffer from heat stroke, dehydration and sun-burn if exposed to too much heat. Take care of your dog’s water needs and keep a continuous supply of clean and cool water for your dog. Take your dog outside during early morning and late evening for a walk and limit outside movement during the day.Take care that never ever let your pet lay down on a hot spot. Using muzzle during summer may be a bad idea as it prevents your dog from panting which is your dog’s natural cooling mechanism. If your dog shows symptoms of heat-stroke try to cool down your dog’s body temperature and seek medical help.Also, keep your pup with a light weight haircut to protect it from overheating.  ( Dog Cooling Coats )

2. Summer Travel care - Summer time no doubt is the best time for you to plan  a good vacation for your pet, but one needs to make sure that you have done your homework. Always carry fresh cool drinking water. If possible arrange ice packs or ice blankets for the entire journey. Don't forget to carry a water bowl, tent and a water sprinkler to sprinkle water on your dog to keep him cool.

3. General Health -  Besides bees and wasps, mosquitoes carrying heartworm disease, fleas and ticks are very active during spring time and increases the risks for your pet. Seek medical expertise to immunize your dog against common infection. Regularly check for any insect bites. Avoid your pet’s close contact with flowers and pollens as your dog is sensitive to allergens. Immediately seek medical advice incase of  any weird behavior of your dog like rubbing of any body part against a rough surface, as this may be symptom of allergy.

4.Summer Diet -  There is no proper  diet for dogs as such because no diet can make your dog cooler. Common human foods like onion, garlic, raisins and chocolates can be toxic for your lovely dog, so keep them away from your dog. Yogurt, ice-cream sundae, fruit cubes, and vegetables like carrot, cucumber and even tomatoes can be good refreshing food your dogs.

5. Beach & water activity -  While on a beach make sure that your dog do not drink too much sea-water as it may lead to dehydration. Always carry fresh water and provide a shady place for your dog to rest. Heavy running on sand is an arduous task for your dog which may lead to heat stroke and may hurt paw of your dog due to hot sand. Keep an eye on your dog while he is playing in the water and as lake or river water contains parasites and microbes, so, do take care before allowing your dog in this water. At the end don't forget to give your dog a fresh water bath to clean its fur/coat.

Summer Toxins - Summer can be more fun if you take enough care not to expose your dog to the household toxins like mosquito or cockroach repellants and rat-poisons.  Playing in the garden treated with chemicals can also lead to respiratory problems and severe side effects to your dogs. If you have pool then make sure to keep the pool chemicals away from the reach of your dog.

These are just common precautions which if taken care of on a regular basis during this summer can be beneficial for your dog. A healthy happy dog can multiply this happiness exponentially and eventually will give back to its owner, in this case you.

So, have a fun filled summer and enjoy a cool outing with your dog.

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