Suggested Products For A Road Travel With Dogs

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Winters are around the corner and everyone wants to plan day or night road trips to places around. Are you planning a road trip any soon? I am sure most of the pet owners are wondering what are the things they have to keep in mind before travelling with their dog on a road trip. We have thus listed some of the few products that will help you have a comfortable road journey with your pooch.
 NOTE: We recommend a combination of some products, depending upon your needs.

Restraining your Dog

We as humans can accommodate anywhere and anyhow. However, your dog needs a place and a space that is entirely of his own. This is to make sure that he his safe while he travels. Also you don't want to have him jumping around the car, its best to carry a crate for your dog to have a comfortable space all for himself. There are various different brands that sell crates and cages.

I believe that most of us don't want our dogs to barge in while we are travelling in a car and when its a long road travel, you don't want your pooch to be restless either. If such is your problem then this barrier is the best solution for you. You can use this barrier as a stoppage for your dog to stay in one place and not bother you while you are driving.

Bench Seat Cover
I am sure most of us would want our pets to stay at one place to avoid uneasiness for us and for him. And would want to avoid the hair all over the seat in the car. In all such situations you should definitely get a seat cover for your dog to sit at one place and not move.

Seat belt
We all feel safe when we have a seat belt on don't we? Here is a seat belt for your pooch to keep him safe and at one place at the same time.

Food & Water

Dog Food
 I believe  that this is one thing that no one would want to miss while on a road trip. A handy dog food pack. You can choose from variety of food products depending on what your dog would prefer to eat.

Water and Food bowl
 You want to carry a pack that would allow you to feed your pooch with ease. Choose a good food and water bowl that can be easy for you to carry and is also easy to clean. We would suggest you to carry the non tip bowls that are easy to carry and can be folded while you are travelling.

Now that you are out on a trip, you would carry a lot of dog treats for yourself then why not for you little companion. You can choose from a variety of treats like the meat treat, flavoured treats and biscuits that would excite your dog.

Treat pouch
So, how about a pouch on your dog’s waist to fetch him treat no matter where he is ? It sure sounds very convenient. You dont have to separately carry a bag because your dog carries his own treat pouch for himself. How easy does that get?


Dry Bath
Now that you are on a Road Trip, I am sure you won’t bathe your dog. But you obviously dont want your dog to smell bad. In such a situation you should dry bathe your dog with wet wipes or waterless cleansers that would keep your dog neat and clean.

All of us want to smell good ourselves, so why don't we get some amazing fragrances for our pooch? Yes, so even our little babies can smell good all the time. You can choose the dog deodorants that are absolutely safe to use.

Poop Scoop/ Poop Bag
I am sure we all don't want to mess around anywhere we go so it is the most convenient to carry a poop bag or a scoop to pick it up.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief Tablets
Just like us, dogs also go through the same feeling. How about I tell you that you can avoid the stress that your dog goes through, sometimes when you are travelling, with these stress relieving pills. Choose wisely depending on what your dog needs.

Favourite Toy
Since you are on a vacation, you would want something to keep your dog busy and to himself. You can carry some of his favourite dog toys to chew on or choose from a variety of products that

Wag Tag
You want to be assured that your dog is safe wherever he goes with you. During certain unfortunate incidents, you might end up losing your dog. It is almost impossible to find your dog specially when you are travelling. DogSpot has introduced an amazing product which is also a service towards lost dogs. Its called the Wag Tag which helps you find your lost dog. read more  about it on :

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