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Rampur  Hound  is  the member of sighthound family.this indian sighthound once a great favorite of indian Maharaja's looks like slightly heavier more powerful version of english greyhound. When Afghans came to india in 1760's  they bought  their ferocious Tazi along,under the patronage of His highness Ahmad Ali Khan Bahadur  and some 14 generation down the line and Rampur Hound DNA took  a shape and a unique breed was in circulation.these dogs are strong and ferocious like Tazi and and loyal like english greyhound. The general apperance gives a strong impression of grace power and strength combined with elegance.He is a strong, mascular active dog of good temperament.Rampur Hound is robust but not too heavily boned.this is strongly built dog full of strength and stamina. The skull is long lean slightly doomed,flat on top tapering to the muzzle and a painted nose it has a charateristic roman bend.the head of  Rampur Hound is broad and more substantial than the english greyhound.its muzzle is long and powerful well filled under the eyes and clean cut.the lenght of the jaw"s is 9" and are powerful with scissor bite. the bite is extremly powerful.ears are small and rose shaped. The back is broad and exceptionally mascular with slightly arched loin.coat is fine,short,dense sleek looking and close to the body. The feet of the Rampur Hounds are more distinctive feature.Generally called hare feet.such feet give the rampur hound a good cat like grip and facilitates its speed too.the chest is deep in front but not very wide with well sprung ribs.Tail is long and tapering slightly curving upwords and carried low. Colors should be black , brown,brindle,fawn,white,blue,red.Eyes are yelloish to dark amber in color.like all sighthounds its eyes  placed in front with parallel vision and capacity to see long distances. He should have a friendly temperament be friendle protective and obedient.He is an alert keen hunter who is both fast and ferocious.during running or hunting its speed has been measured 63-65 km per hr.It is said that its feet  can stand hunting on hard ground better than english greyhound. Height 25-28 inches for male and females are slightly less.life span is 10-12 years.He is not prone to veterinary problems and lives to a reasonable ripe old age and never seems to slow down.he loves running and  plenty of exercise so the owner need to be fit.  

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