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Your puppy is a bundle of happiness that brings sunshine and joy to your home. So is it not your duty to ensure that the sunshine of your life is not troubled by anything. Summers can be a troublesome type for your pet. Last week we told you all about ticks and fleas and the various methods through which we could remove them from our pet.

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This week I thought that it was time to resolve the issue that trouble most of the pet owners, especially those with puppies. There are a lot of people who will try and treat their puppies as just another dog and use flea and tick powders, medicated spot on or get them a tick and flea shot. I am sure that this is all in good intention but have you ever thought that your little pooch is completely different than his or her adult counterpart. Do we ever give our kids the same medicines as we take?  Read More OnPet owners guide to ticks and fleas

You all will feel that why would anyone do that. The structures of children and adult are different. Same is the case with the animal kingdom, your puppy might be growing at a fast pace but remember that he is still in the fragile stage of his or her life when all the organs are in the development stage so any harmful chemicals can be detrimental to the health of your puppy.

A puppy should always be happy and full of energy.  The only things that can cause him discomfort is the itchy and scratchy skin or when he is suffering from some disease.  The former is mostly caused by fleas and ticks. They can cause a lot of diseases, lead to infections and will cause itchy and scratchy skin in your pet. Puppies have a sensitive skin and a fragile immunity system that is still in the nascent stage of its life when you bring him or her home. So, it is absolutely essential not to use any harmful products on your pets to remove ticks and fleas as this can have adverse effects.

So how you ask shall you get rid of the ticks and fleas from your puppy. Here are some simple steps that will help you to remove the ticks and fleas without causing him or her any harm. Here is a step by step guide to ensure a happy puppy.

Step 1

There are special combs called flea combs available for this; you can get them easily online or through a shop. Just comb through the puppy’s hair from the back to front and identify the ticks. You should always keep in mind that you should not crush the tick as it can lead to harmful bacteria entering the puppy’s bloodstream, which can be fatal to your puppy.

Step 2

The ticks are generally attached to the pet’s body and will not move once attached. The body will be flat if it has attached recently to the puppy but will become puffy once it sucks blood from the body. They can be of various colors such as black, red and brown. You just have to lift the tick from its head with a fine tipped tweezer.

Step 3

It is very important to dispose the ticks off efficiently; the best way is to keep them in a jar which contains alcohol, if you cannot find that even a regular disinfectant will work. You just have to ensure that they are dead otherwise that can attach themselves on the body.

After you follow these three steps, there are some pets that can bleed a little when you take out a tick or can develop a sore spot on that area, you can use an antibiotic ointment such as Neospirin in such cases.

If you see that there is constant scratching in your pet then keep these few things in mind, always check the puppy’s belly, the fur is minimal at this place and if there are red or pink circles of anything 1/8 inch to 1/2inch marks in diameter. These marks are mostly caused by flea bites.

There might be some of you, who think that it will be a tedious process and would have even heard of various spot on and shot treatments for ticks and flea but you always have to remember that till 12 weeks of age (i.e. four months) it is absolutely important to ensure that there are no harsh chemicals used on the body. In fact this is the time for getting the first round of vaccinations for your pet. So, remember that this is already a taxing time for the little pooch as far as the vet visits and shots are concerned.

The only thing that you can use on a pet that young is normal baby powder, this will ensure that you will have a fresh smelling puppy always. Summers and monsoons are especially a tough time for adult dogs and puppies alike. The hot and humid temperatures give conducive weather conditions to the ticks and fleas to thrive.  They multiply leaps and bounds in this season and can get easily attached to the pet.

If you are wondering that your puppy has not yet started going out of the house also so how is it possible for him or her to get fleas and ticks. You will be surprised that they are everywhere your balcony can have them and the moment your puppy comes in there they can latch attach to its body. If you have other pets in the house then they can  also carry it and you will be surprised but at times even you can carry them into your home by coming from outside.

 Puppies are easy prey for the ticks and fleas but it is important to ensure that they are removed from the body as soon as possible to ensure that they are healthy and ward off diseases.  If you get a puppy from a kennel then be prepared with the flea comb to handle the infestation as there is grass and other pets to breeding grounds for the ticks and fleas.


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By: Sakshi Gupta | 11 Apr 2014

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