How to select a good dog food for my dog?

Nutrition, last updated 09th, Jan 2013, Dr.Sri krishna Mishra

Each and every commercial pet food that are available in market have list of both satisfied and unsatisfied clients and if any company launching food then before that they quantitatively and qualitatively analyse both its pros and cons.

I have clients who say pedigree is best but some other say Drools is far superior than Pedigree or Royal Canin. How some one say that this food is good to my dog and some one else say no. If i say you to look into food ingredients and based on that you come directly to conclusion then it is really unfair. Each and every dog and dog breed have different way of dealing with food. It is up to us to recognize which suits to our dog. Choose food based on your dog characteristics. Consult a good vet before you are going to feed your dog a very new food. Make two headings about your dog:

1. My  Dog Health Problem (Any conditions for which she/he receives veterinary care or medications go in the “problems” column. Other conditions that should be listed here include bad breath; teeth that are prone to tartar buildup; chronically goopy eyes; infection-prone or stinky ears; a smelly, greasy, flaky, or thinning coat; itchy paws; excessive gas; recurrent diarrhea, constipation, or incontinence; repeated infestations of worms or fleas; low or excessive energy; and a sudden onset of antisocial or aggressive behavior.)

2. My Dog Health Assets (Such as fresh breath, clean teeth, bright eyes, clean ears, a lack of itching, a glossy coat, problem-free elimination, a normal appetite and energy level, and a good attitude.) If there are a lot more assets on your list than problems, and the problems are very minor, you may have already found a diet that works well for your dog. But if your list reveals a lot more problems than assets, your dog is a good candidate for a change of diet – in addition to an examination and some guidance from a good holistic veterinarian! Now take a look at the food you are currently feeding your dog. Note the food’s ingredients, as well as its protein and fat levels, and its caloric content. Write all of this down, so you can make logical adjustments if need be. Dont just come to someone statement that Pedigree is bad compared to Drools or vice versa. Ok.

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