Should Dogs Be Eaten Or Abused For Religion?

Wag News, last updated 08th, May 2017, Adnan Khan

Warning: The following post contains some graphic content which is not advisable for young viewers or the light-hearted. does not advocate such practices inflicting cruelty towards animals, rather the polar opposite.


So here  we are, scrolling through dog related posts over the internet hoping to find something informative or fun for our pets who we love oh so dearly. And behold unto when we come across such grim images and videos of certain cultural practices where our favourite species in the world are being brutally slaughtered. Yes, for those of us who are in denial of the fact that the domesticated species that we so dearly love are actually devoured upon in many countries.

Less than a week ago, Yulin province in China was celebrating the Summer Solstice. Although religious and cultural celebrations are the right and practice of a certain community, they may cause an outrage when it involves torturing, killing and eating over 10,000 dogs over the span of a week. Yulin, Guangxi is an autonomous region in China where people believe that eating dogs accompanied with litchis and alcohol is the answer for longevity and immortality. Clouded perceptions of the masses can result in adverse consequences for society. 

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Where cold hearted slaughter of a multitude of dogs saw some traditionalists enjoy them as a meal, there was mass upsurge of activists protesting against this tradition, both in China and the world over. A lot of animal rights activists pursued peaceful protests and tried to rescue as many dogs as possible. Many a times the vendors offered to sell the dogs to the activists for extremely steep prices, almost three or four times as much as they would get usually per dog. 


Just China?

In addition to the one small culture that was highlighted over the press, many other regions in the world still enjoy the sanctity of dog eating in peace. Here are a few countries where dog meat is present or prevalent.




Certain Northeastern parts of India like Mizoram, Nagaland and Manipur are renowned to have a culture of eating dogs (and cats).

South Korea

A popular delicacy in S.Korea; dogs are eaten all year round, especially in the summer months. Many restaurants specialise in only dog-based dishes.


Although dog meat is illegal, many Swiss cookbooks have intricately written about dog-meat recipes as traditionally popular.

The above are just three examples out of about 30 or so countries where you can find slight traces of present or past dog consumption practices.

Is it Right?

Two questions have been the rise of mass social debates of late. One defending people’s practices and suggesting they be left alone in what they do. Many Chinese dog butcher’s were quoted saying, ‘For us it is just like beef or pork, we do have pet dogs too’. In fact, there are a couple of dog breeds in Korea and China that have been developed just for the purpose of consumption. The defence of the conservationist being, the particular breeds that are never kept as pets but only reared for their meat should not be termed unethical.

The question in rejection of such practices being asked is that why is the dog meat trade so highly publicized and shadowed with malpractices. In addition, the poor pet creatures are tortured to extents beyond measure before their unfortunate demise. A lot of reports have disclosed that many dogs during the Yulin festival were pets that were stolen from their poor owners, evident from collars and name tags on them.

In my personal opinion, yes the perspective of it being considered as another meat just like pork or beef by few people can be somehow justified. But look at it this way, the species that has evolved with us in cognition and physiology over a span of more than 10,000 years have been alongside us all the way, assisting us in many daily tasks and jobs.

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If I was starving to death and had any dog around, I would prefer to pass on peacefully than take an innocent creature’s life. If I were a predator hunting a certain species, my perspective would have been more primitive like the sort of people we have mentioned in this articles.

  Way Forward?  Where do we stand, you may wonder, with the traditional practices or malpractices of certain religions and cultures? For starters, deciding how strongly do you oppose such a practice to actually speak out. I for one am writing this with intent of awareness and thence some sanity into the masses of people all over the world who are blinded by the doctrines of their respective religions.  For ones who do want to stand up and speak out against the consumption and trade of dog meat need to find the right medium of expression. Although social media has becom a hub of all opinons and discussions, social media activism can only go so far to spread awareness and hope for action. The stronger alternatives are petitions and media exposure. Even then, many e-petitios and protests go unheard and unnoticed.  Ideally, speaking up against the slightest form of animal abuse or torture can change many lives.    Please share your views on such a hotly debated topic.