Spirituality Of Dogs - A Personal Experience

Story from Pet Lover, last updated 19th, Sep 2014, Krithika

“Whoever said that diamonds are girls best friends, has never owned a dog” - Anonymous

This statement feels perfect as I sought to begin writing my feelings today. I have been working with DogSpot for over three months now and being here, writing my thoughts and increasing my knowledge about dogs has been a wonderful experience. Looking at people who own dogs and their love for their canine friends has overwhelmed me all through these years.
I have always been an animal lover and the fact that these mute species give you all the peace in the world drives me to own one. I come from a family that loves dogs too but due to the diligent working habits of each and everyone in my family, it is difficult to give time to a dog.
I have always believed that dogs heal you. Mentally more than physically. I remember going to a friends house for a sleepover who owned a dog. It was one of the weakest phases of my life according to me and i was invited just to feel a little better. Depressive, anxious, irritable and sensitive. I was going through all these emotions at once. Everybody would sit down and watch a movie while i was too busy sitting down with the dog asking various questions. It felt like she responded to each and every query that i had without judging me. It felt like she is responding by keeping her paws in my hand, telling me that it this shall pass too. It was sitting down with her for those few hours, even after everyone had fallen into deep sleep, i realized that  dogs have a healing power. No, i definitely don’t mean to say that all my anxiety went down the drain in that one night but i sure realised that there was a magic when she put down her paws in my hand. It might seem like its funny but it was actually like someone is telling you that “I’ll be right here”.



The bond between dogs and humans is incomparable. Dogs don’t have ego and thus don't have anything on the way of their connection with the divine. They usually transfer positive energy. They are like spiritual cleaning ladies who come into our consciousness and mop up the spills of the emotional turmoil that life leaves behind. The scientific community validates this concept. Studies have been done which show people with a pet recover faster from an operation, or that elderly pet owners live longer, healthier lives non-pet owners.

Humans usually call themselves superior species just because they can talk and communicate, but i believe that dogs in todays world understand and reciprocate in a better way. This is just a personal thought. So, the whole concept of writing about how dogs are healers is that, we learn from our animal friends. It is very clear that humans have more developed ego than animals and it is upon them how they use it. For the benefit of themselves or others. One must learn to use their ego wisely, in order to benefit from it and raise a better willpower. Thus dogs teach us to be more kind and compassionate and less selfish and this will help us in building constructive relationships.