Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog

Adoption, last updated 05th, Dec 2017, Kritika Ponia

Shelters and rescues are full of dogs that are misunderstood. Know that no dog is ‘bad’. That word is restricted only to the human race. There are absolutely no bad dogs in this world. Dogs are among the best things that the Makers created and if we can’t get along with them, it is because something is wrong with us and not the dogs. Dogs end up in shelters because their owners didn’t understand them. Really, dogs ask for nothing but attention and care. That turns out to be a little too much for some dog owners. Why even adopt a dog if you can’t take care of him? However, there are such people among us who think they adopted the wrong dog when in actuality they are the wrong owners and really don’t deserve being dog owners. They end up dumping excellent dogs in shelters, leaving them sad and abandoned.

This is why you should change the perspective of a rescue or a shelter dog. These dogs are adorable and loving animals. They ended up there because they didn’t get enough exercise to channelize their energy and there was no leadership in the house they came from. If you can take good care of them, these dogs will transform into the best pets ever! It is up to you to ensure they get what they deserve.

Adopting a Dog

If you are looking to adopt a rescue dog, you should start doing your homework immediately. Your homework will even before you go to the rescue to get a dog. The first thing for you to do is to find the right dog. Yes, you can’t think that any dog you pick will be happy in your house. You should decide the best dog for your home based on how you live, how many members you have in your family, and so on. Some families are better suited for large dogs while the others are better suited for smaller dogs. Who do you think will be a perfect addition to your house? Study different dogs based on their size and energy levels to determine the best for you. For example, if your family is passive you shouldn’t even think of adopting a dominant and highly energetic dog.

Once you know what type of dog you want, go to various pounds to find the right one. Don’t be hasty. Choosing the wrong one in your haste is very bad. Take your time and scan a few pounds if needed and select only the dog you think will be perfect for you. Otherwise, you will hurt the dog even more. Remember that he is a dumped and abandoned dog. He is desperately in need of a caring, loving home. If you can’t provide that, don’t adopt the dog. Simple.

Now you should go back to thinking about the top reasons behind dogs ending up in a rescue. Lack of exercise. He is already bubbling with energy and he needs to release it. Will you be able to help him with that? Once you adopt your dog, your first job is to give him the required exercise. Take him out for a walk, start training him well, and see how he transforms. If you are planning on locking him up in a cage after you get home, you should leave the shelter and go home immediately. There are no dogs in a shelter that want to be caged. They will be driven into stress and depression, making their life worse. ( How to Train a Dog )

Once you adopt the dog, you have to keep a few things in mind. These things will determine successful adoption or failed adoption. Number one on this list is human affection. Please refrain from human affection towards your dog for a few days. Let him adjust to his new house first. Why? Because hugs and kisses are your way of loving. They are not the ideal form of love for dogs. Hugging in dog language means dominating. He might get aggressive and end up biting you. Please, it is very important, understand him and his feelings. Show him your love through treats and kind words in soothing tones. That will help heaps! ( Best Dog Food )

Number two is to take him for a walk first. Before even going home, take him straight to the park or outside to give him a walk. If the shelter is close to your house, you can walk all the way home. This will help your dog burn off a lot of energy and he will be much more presentable when you reach home. The walk will also convey to your dog that you are the leader of the pack. Establishing leadership is very important. As aforementioned, lack of leadership is also a common reason why dogs end up in shelters. Another thing to keep in mind here is to lead. This is, again, a step to establish your leadership. Don’t let him walk in front of you. He should be on your heel. Also, don’t let him enter any entrance first. Whether it is a gate or a doorway, you should make your entry first and then allow your dog to come behind you. Don’t do this just during your first walk. Do this all the time. According to dogs, leaders lead in the most literal way. Do that so that he understands better.

Once you come home, don’t let him run around the house loose. This is another sign that will make him think he is the alpha male. Show him around while he is still on the leash, making sure he follows you. Otherwise, he will take the role of the alpha and he will become very difficult to control because he will think you should go according to his wishes and not the other way round. Chances are high that he thought he was the alpha in his old home and that is why he ended up in the rescue. Make the transformation here. Let him know clearly who the alpha male is and soon, you will do just fine with your dog. ( Dog Obedience Training )

Remember that try how much ever they may, they really can’t learn to speak human or understand humans. We, on the other hand, can understand dogs. We are intelligent enough to know how they feel and what they need. On our part, we just have to put in that effort. Follow these tips and you will successfully adopt a rescue dog.

This is your chance to give an innocent loving animal the home he deserves and the home he never got. Embrace that chance. You will find a faithful, loyal friend for as long as he lives.