The Symptoms of a Flea Infestation

Health, last updated 22nd, Jun 2010, Ashok

The summer months are prime time for fleas, which thrive in the heat. And if untreated, they can lead to tapeworms and other diseases.

Symptoms of an infestation can include: 1. Severe itching that causes a skin rash, legions and possibly ulcers, 2. dermatitis, and 3. scratching and biting at the inflamed area on the skin. Flea attacks are most common on your dog's, head, neck and tail.

The symptoms of fleas appear suddenly and range from very mild to severe. Be on the lookout for fleas crawling through your dog's fur, particularly in your dog's skin folds. Adult fleas are flat with 3 pairs of legs, brownish in color and 2 - 8mm long. Also look for "flea dirt" (excrement) in your dogs bedding and skin.


vn dineshkumar
can u please guide what medicine to be used to control this problem? i have a GSD which has this problem since 2 weeks

By: vn dineshkumar | 03 Jul 2012

Navjot Singh
If your dog is infected with fleas and ticks, please visit a vet and ask for a good anti-tick shampoo. Depending on the severity of the infection, you may have to bathe the dog from weekly to 2-weekly. Groom the coat daily with a good de-shedding brush. This won't only weaken the hold of parasites in the coat but also remove the dead fur from it.Avoid taking the dog to filthy or grassy areas, as that's the areas where dogs are mostly pick the ticks from.Get a Kiltix color. Put it on the neck. It shows amazing results. It can be used for 5-6 months. Do remember to remove it while bathing the dog or when he's sick ( down with fever ).

By: Navjot Singh | 14 Jul 2012