The Best Dog Names of 2015! Does Your Dog Have One of These?

Wag News, last updated 12th, May 2016, Divya Divakaran



So you have decided to buy a little (or big, no harm in THAT) pooch to love and adore? Perhaps a blue-eyes husky? A Golden retriever? They are best with their liquid eyes and lolling tongues. Or is it perhaps an Alsatian? Or perhaps you have chosen to adopt one from a shelter? That is the best and kindest way to go as it gives a neglected creature a new, loving home.

Now you are not sure what to call your new friend? Naming your pet can be a really tough job! One the one hand, you want a name that is not too hard to pronounce. On the other hand, you want to step away from the ordinary Timmys and Tommys and Jacks and Jills. You want a name that is unique and expresses your pet’s personality.

Well, you can try naming your dog after what he/she reminds you of the most? Remember the moment when your eyes first lighted upon your pet. What did you feel then? Remember every detail of that moment. Every smell every sight. Then you can name your pet after the sweetness of the moment.

Some of the dog names that circulated in the 2015 were really out of the box, and interesting. Names like Airhead, Disco Dancer, Flash, Furball and surprisingly, even Meatloaf surfaced. Other, more literary names like Baskerville, Beatrice, Bambi, Cassidy, Cerberus, Delphyne, Everly and Georgina also were used by many people. Some people opted to go for Japanese names like Sakura and Aiko. They named their pets after their favourite anime and manga characters. Teenage girls especially named their dogs Usui and Kou and Yamamoto and Miketsukami and Tomoe-a lot. Whoa!

People also named their dogs after their favourite dishes. So we had lots of Sushi and Pizza and Cheeseburger and Ramen as well. Then of course, there were the usual Twilight references-lots of Edward and Bella and Jacob thrown in too.

But the newest trend has to be the manga/anime trend that is really catching on in the west too. But name your pet what you want to. Do not follow any trends. Name her Rose or Lily or Mulan or Maleficent or whatever you think reflects her true self. Name him Morpheus or Rorschach or Kaneki or whatever you think suits him. Names don’t matter as much as the moments you will spend with this special being. After all, what’s in a name?