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Haven’t we all heard Pomeranian and Spitz being used as if they mean the same thing? The truth is that Pomeranians and Indian Spitz are close relatives and therefore might be confused as a synonym to each other.

Over the years, a lot of studies have been conducted to understand the difference between a Pomeranian and Indian Spitz. We at DogSpot bring to you an insight into the difference between the two through a study of their varied size, colour and other physical characteristics.

Spitz vs Pomeranian (Comparison Chart)

Criteria Indian Spitz Pomeranian
About Indian Spitz has been one of the most popular breeds in India and was introduced by the British who bred German Spitz in India. Pomeranians are said to be descendants of German Spitz.                                
Origin The Indian Spitz belongs to the Spitz family though they are shorter than the German Spitz. Pomeranians are named after the Pomerania Region of Central Europe (today Pomerania is a part of Northern Poland and eastern Germany)
Size An Indian Spitz may measure anywhere between 22 - 25 cms to the withers. A pomeranian may stand between 7-12 inches at withers.
Weight Indian Spitz weighs between 5 - 7 kilograms. Pomeranians weigh between 1 - 3 kgs.
Colours Indian Spitz comes in Black, White, Dusky brown and sometimes a combination of black and white. Most Pomeranians come in many colours but the most popular ones are orange, black, cream and white.
  • Indian Spitz has a conical snout.
  • The nose of an Indian Spitz may be black or brown in colour.
  • The fur and coat of an Indian Spitz is double layered but light.
  • Indian Spitz has straight pointed ears.
  • The tail of an Indian Spitz is flat and long.
  • Pomeranians have a wedge-shaped head and a short straight muzzle.
  • They have a well-defined stop and the colour of the nose varies from black to brown in proportion to their coat colour.
  • Their jaw meets in a scissors bite.
  • Pomeranians have almond-shaped dark eyes and high set ears.
  • The beautiful feathered tail of a Pomeranian is flat and lays flat over the back.
  • Pomeranians have two layers of fur or a double-layered coat. The outer coat is straight, long and a little harsh in texture while the undercoat is soft, thick and short in nature.
  • Indian Spitz is extremely intelligent dogs and can learn tricks if trained well.
  • They are well known for the playful and feisty nature
Pomeranians are extremely vivacious and proud dogs. Extremely loyal to their owners, Poms are intelligent and easily learn tricks. They are extremely picky eaters and make excellent show dogs.
Living Conditions
  • The Indian Spitz is ideal for apartments and condominiums.
  • The Indian Spitz require regular walks and exercise else they may get destructive at home.
Due to their small size, Poms are ideal for apartments and condominiums.
Life Expectancy Indian Spitz generally have a lifespan between 10 - 14 years Poms are known to have a life expectancy of 15 years
Grooming Even though the Indian Spitz has a light fur, they require regular grooming and brushing of their coat. It is also important to clean their ears with an earbud/cotton to avoid ear infections. Pomeranians are an easy to maintain breed. They need regular brushing for the fur so that it does not catch dust and get a matted look. Poms also need regular walks.
Health Conditions
  • Indian Spitz suffers from separation anxiety, especially if left alone for very long hours.
  • They are also prone to hip dysplasia, dislocation of the knee, idiopathic epilepsy.
  • The Indian Spitz has a high likeliness to developing cancer, glaucoma, cataracts and other vision problems.
  • Poms are prone to dislocation of knee caps and heart problems.
  • If the Poms are not groomed on a daily basis they may develop eye infections and skin irritations.  
  • Vets recommend dry food to avoid damp fur and skin infections.
  • Poms are also susceptible to developing alopaecia or bald spots.

The Indian Spitz has not been categorised by Federation Cynologique Internationale section. A Pomeranian, on the other hand, has been categorised as a part of the German Spitz category and in many countries in Europe, they are also called Zwergspitz.

According to the official Breed Standards, a Pomeranian is a compact active dog of the Nordic region. They have a double coat and a heavily plumed tail that is set high and lies flat on the back. Pomeranians are sturdy medium boned dogs. The head is in balance with the body and forms a wedge.

Pomeranians have dark bright almond-shaped eyes. The ears of a Pomeranian are small and erect placed closely on the slightly round skull. The muzzle is straight and short with a black or dark brown nose. The open classification at various dog shows is based on colour - open red, orange, cream, sable, open black, brown. A Pomeranian is an extrovert and a highly intelligent dog making him a great companion and a competitive show dog. The breed standards for an Indian Spitz are not available.

The Indian Spitz is available in Indian markets between INR 2000 - INR 3500 however a Pomeranian may cost anywhere between INR 20,000 - INR 50,000 based on their breeding and family origin. If one is purchasing a Pomeranian / Indian Spitz, one needs to be careful about their characteristics as many breeders sell an Indian Spitz at the price of a Pomeranian.

In terms of popularity, the Indian Spitz gained one after it was featured as Tuffy in the popular Hindi movie - Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Keanu Reaves and Ozzy Ozbourne are proud owners of Pomeranians.

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