These 10 Foods You've Been Feeding That Actually Harm Your Dog

Wag News, last updated 25th, May 2016, Abhinav Arora

10. Grapes and Raisins


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It might seem like a good idea to reward your dog with raisins and grapes but the reality is far from it. Raisins and Grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs and a very small quantity is enough for the dog to fall ill and be lazy and depressed before you even know it. The best bet is to keep these foods off limits.

9. Chocolate


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Chocolate is the kryptonite food for your dog. Every type of chocolate contains theobromine which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Consumption of dark chocolate can lead to tremors, seizures and possible death. Say no to chocolate.

8. Chicken Bones

Uncooked Bones

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It is a commin misconception that leftover bones from the meat we have consumed are good for our dog. Wrong. Both cooked and uncooked dog bones are a health hazard to your dog and can cause pancreatitis. It can cause splinters or mess with the digestive system of your dog. The dog can also choke on the bone and get very sick.

7. Raw Eggs

raw eggs

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Consumption of Raw eggs is wrong on multiple levels. Raw eggs may contain bacteria like Salmonella and even worse E.colli, if that was not it they also inhibit the digestion of a certain B Vitamin which can futher cause skin and coat damage.

6. Raw Meat

raw meat

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Consumption of Raw meat can cause Fever, vomiting and even food poising to your dog. Just like raw eggs, raw meat also happens to have some bacteria which are killed from cooking them.

5. Salty Food


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You might lovingly share your pack of chips with your dog but you are doing him more harm than good. Foods like that which have abundance of salt can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression , tremors, seizure and may even cause death. These salty foods make your dog excessively thirsty and causes excess urination which wnds in sodium ion poisoning.

4. Human medicine

your medicine

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Often people treat a little illness of their dog with human medicine. But the reaction of these medicines is different in dogs than in humans. Never give your dog simple pain relivers or cold medicines meant for humans as they can be fatal for your dog.

3. Raw Fish

raw fish

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Raw fish contains harmful parasite which when consumed can cause fish disease or salmon poisoning disease. It be a lethal for your dog. The parasite can be killed by cooking the fish. 

2. Sugary Foods or Drinks

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Sugar is bad for your dog. Peroid. Any foods containing sugar are also harmful for him. It is a major cause of obesity, dental problems and can be the main reason for the onset of diabetes.

1. Milk and Other Dairy Products


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It is very common in India to feed milk and other dairy products as the staple diet to dogs. Milk and other related products can cause diarrhea and indigestion in dogs. A major consequence of feeding milk to dogs shows up in the form of itchiness in dogs. 


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