Top 10 Things You Have Been Doing That Annoys Your Dog

Wag News, last updated 25th, May 2016, Abhinav Arora

Ever wondered why your dog has suddenly started to behave in a bit unruly manner? Well, The reason might be something you did instead of something they did. We often do things that annoy or are barely acceptable to our dogs, let us look at what are those things that we need to avoid ASAP.


1. Yelling


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It is a strict no-no to yell at your dog. A dog interprets yelling as a form of bark, and an angry bark at that. This puts your furry friend in a state of confusion or it spells trouble to them. So, it is a good idea to change your tone the next time you want to call her, instead of a high pitch, go for a lower sweeter voice and your doggie will be happy to listen and follow, savvy?

2. Teasing


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Again, a strict no-no. What is all fun and games to you may not be the same to your dog. The little acts like taking away their toy or showing a treat and not giving it to them on the first go are all things that make your dog insecure and may make him aggressive in the future. So be sure not to go that path and immeiately reward your dog when he does something right.

3. Petting his face or head


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Do you remember when you were a baby, you looked so damn cute and everybody wanted to shower their affection by petting your face and your head?

Is that a pretty memory? Did'nt that drive you bonkers? Well, guess what, even dogs do not like being shown love by pulling and petting on their faces or head. The only reason they tolerate this is because they love you, and sometimes they don't tolerate it and lash out. You have been warned! :P


4. Deep Eye Contact

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In the doggie kingdom, the more you stare the more you make your claim to challenge the Alpha. You don't want to do that to a neighbor's dog or even a stray running wild. The right thing to do would be to make eye contact for a small duration and then break it off, any intense eye contact spells challenge to them and eventhough your own dog won't react to it, other dogs just might. 


5. Home Alone


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The movie was a comedy but your dog isn't too happy when you bolt the door and leave for long durations. Leaving a dog alone for long durations can stir problems like excessive barking or separation anxiety or even trashing the home while they are alone. Dogs are pack animals and since they live with you, you become their pack. Their separation from their pack results in a whole lot of psychological changes and none of them are positive.


6. Interruption of sleep


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It might seem like a funny idea at that time but it is best not to put it in practice. Interrupting the sleep of a dog is not only harmful for them but can turn very dangerous for the sleep intruder as well. Dogs can imagine that sudden touch to be an attack and counter-attack themselves leading to a messy situation. Waking a dog from his slumber is a strict no-no.


7. Keeping them on a tight leash


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Many people still keep their dogs bound on a short leash or caged in cramped areas. One cannot imagine a life like that would be even a tad bit satisfying. These dogs are often moody, they bark a lot, are difficuilt to control in a social atmosphere and are least friendly of all. The solution is to let your dog be free. Put them on a leash only when you take them out for a walk and even then the leash should not be tight around the neck.


8. Fireworks


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The loud, unexpected and sudden bursts of sound might be fun for humans but they are hardly festive for your dog. Dogs are not accustomed to these strange loud noises and are naturally scared of them. They might start to screech on doors, pant or get anxious. To gain more knwoledge on how to tackle such a situation, click

9. Not allowing to explore


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Canines don't seee the world the way we do. They seee through their noses. It is important for you to allow them to explore the smells in their surroundings and not pull the leash everytime they try and sniff the plant in the garden or the behind of your neighbours dog, so now you know what to do the next time.

10. Give Baths


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Having water sprayed in his face is not the idea of a good time for your dog. Everything about a shower or bath makes your dog uncomfortable. From the sounds or the smells related to the bath, everything is scary to him. To ease a pet into a bath, you should shower them but with praises and treats and gradually take the step towards the actual water shower.