Toxic Human Foods For Pets - Drinks and Dessert

Wag News, last updated 19th, Aug 2014, Krithika

While having food have you been able to resist a drooling dog with big brown eyes and a shy grin? Do you wonder if a small piece of your food can really hurt your dog? Think again! There are a lot of human foods that your dog should never eat as they are extremely dangerous.


We have identified a list of foods that are dangerous for your pooches


Alcohol - beer, liquor, wine, whiskey and foods that contain alcohol such as rum cake is not good for your dog. Alcohol has a serious effect on the liver and brain of dogs. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, breathing problems. In case there is an overdose of alcohol it might lead to coma or even death.



Caffeine is found in tea, coffee, cola drinks, chocolate and cocoa and can be fatal for dogs. Caffeine poisoning can cause rapid breathing, restlessness, heart palpitations,  tremors, internal bleeding and seizures.




Milk Products

Most of the dogs are lactose intolerant and giving them to dogs can cause symptoms related to lactose intolerance - diarrhea and vomiting to the dog.







Gum, candy and some diet foods contain xylitol which can cause in increase in insulin level in the body and cause hypothermia. Sudden onset of hypothermia can cause vomiting, extreme lethargy, disorientation and even liver failure.







Chocolates are bad for dogs. Theobromine in chocolates can cause vomiting, diarrhea and excessive thirst. Excessive consumption can cause abnormal heart rate, tremors, seizure and even death.





Apart from these there are many more foods that can be harmful for your dog. We shall update them soon. Stay tuned for more.

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