Train With Dogspot: "SIT" Command

Training, last updated 17th, Jan 2020, Anshika Saxena

One of the necessary command is the, SIT command. Puppies are usually hyper-energetic, and end up running all over the place.

In order to introduce discipline in their life, start by teaching them some basic and simpler ones. Keep in mind that all of the time and patience you put in now will help the relationship and connection you have with your dog for years to come. Take it slow, and keep revising it with them, regularly.

#1 The Right Place:

Make sure that you choose the teaching place wisely. An indoor location would be preferable. Try to keep the room free from distractions, such as, toys, sofas or anything that might interest the doggo. This way it will be more focused on your lessons.

#2 Positive Reinforcement:

You can also use healthy human foods that are good for dogs, such as pieces of apple, carrot, green beans, or chicken. Opt for small portions of treat, because you will be needing it quite a few times during the training.

#3 The Procedure:

  • Show the dog treat.
  • Keeping it close to him, move it towards his ear from the nose.
  • In order to maintain the firm look at the treat, he will rest his bottom on the ground.
  • Appreciate him, with words like, 'Good Boy' or 'well Done'. Give him the treat
  • Repeat it a few times, so that he can retain the movements.
  • Next, add the cue word: Say your dog’s name followed by the word “sit,” spoken clearly while holding the treat in the position as before.

#4 Revise:

The best way to self-train is to make sure that you repeat the exercise in as many possible situations and places as you can.

Don't force your dog to sit. Pushing him too hard could scare him or hurt him. If the dog fights you and refuses to sit, try walking him around, try give him some time.