How to Travel With Your Dog in Indian Railways.

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How to Travel with your Dog



Train Travel Rules With Your Pet

* A passenger can take pet dog like German Shepherd along with him in AC First Class or First Class only, provided he/she reserves either a two berth or a four berth compartment exclusively for his/her use, paying the due charges depending upon the type of train.

* Passengers traveling in other classes are not permitted to carry the dog along with them. But the dog can be booked and carried in the Luggage/Brake Van paying the charges depending upon the type of train. Specially designed Dog Boxes are available in the Brake Van for this purpose.

* Passengers may contact the Parcel Office to book their pet dogs.

* Passengers detected carrying dogs unbooked will be charged as per extant rules.

* Dogs when carried in the break-van and/or A.C.C. and first class passenger compartments will be charged for at Scale 'L'(luggage Rates)on the basis of weights indicated below, subject to a minimum charge of Rs.10/- per dog, charges being Prepaid:- When carried in breakvan (Dog-Box) 30 kgs When carried in passengers compartments 60 kgs.

* "Seeing Eye" dog travelling with a blind person in the compartment (First class) will, however, be charged the same tariff as for dogs carried in brake_van. The dogs must be provided with Collars and Chains.

* Owners should make their own arrangements for water and food for the dog during the journey. Dogs detected unbooked will be charged at six times the Luggage Scale Rate subject to a minimum of Rs.50/-

* A passenger travelling in First Aircondition class or first class may take a dog into the compartment only with the concurrence of fellow passengers on payment of charges vide Clause(1) above.The charges are to be prepaid.

* If fellow passengers subsequently object to the dog remaining in the compartment, it will be removed to the Guard's van, no refund being given. Dogs detected unbooked with the passenger in IA and Ist class compartments will be charged six times the Luggage scale Rate subject to a minimum of Rs.50/-. A lady travelling alone with children under 12 years of age in a first class compartment may take with her in the compartment one dog on payment of charges at the Dog Box Rates, subject to a minimum of Rs.10/-provided that if another lady enters the compartment, the dog can only be allowed to remain in the compartment with her consent.

* Any dog detected unbooked will be charged at double the dog-box rate for the distance up to the point of detection and at the dog-box rate for the distance beyond the total charge being subject to a minimum of Rs.20/- for each dog.

* Dogs are not allowed to be carried in ACC Sleeper Coaches,Acc chair car coaches sleeper class and second class coaches.

* If a dog is found being carried in contravention of this rule,it will be removed immediately to the brake-van and charges will be levied six times the Luggage Scale Rate subject to a minimum of Rs.50/- * Charge for dog carried in reserved compartments will be levied at the dog-box rate.Any dog tetected unbooked will be charged six times the Luggage Scale Rate subject to a minimum of Rs.50/- * Large dogs which cannot be carried in the dog-box of a brake van will be carried in a special vehicle at the same rates and conditions as for horses.




By: vinish | 10 Mar 2009


By: hardyboy | 10 Mar 2009

Shweta Singh
Gr8 information. Gud

By: Shweta Singh | 14 Mar 2009

thanks and good info.

By: prakash | 23 Oct 2009

This is very good and useful information for people who are planning to travel with their pet in Indian Railways. Thanks Hardyboy for sharing such useful information.

By: Bhushan | 02 Feb 2010

nice ....

By: satya | 21 Sep 2010


By: minaxi | 20 Mar 2011

Jobbin James
Hope this could help somebody.

I had booked 4 first AC berths online to travel between Chennai and Delhi with a puppy. I was worried if this could be allowed or not. On the day of travel I went to the Chief Reservation Officer and requested for a cabin. He assured that normally it would be alloted if booked in a single ticket. I gave him a written application just to make sure. Since it was an HA1 coach, I didnt take the risk of booking only 2 berths to get a coupe. I was alloted a cabin. I then paid the luggage rate for my dog and now we are on our way back to Delhi.
It is possible to book 4 berths in a single name and you could get a cabin exlusively for your use. While travelling with a Dog it is always good to book a cabin (if alone), or travel with 3-4 people to get a cabin.

By: Jobbin James | 03 Jul 2011

Hi All,

I had to travel from Delhi to Guwahati last month with my family (me, my wify and our dogy Coco), I booked 2 AC first class tickets online in Delhi-Guwahati Rajdhani express for our travel. A day before the travel we went to the New delhi railiway station and gave a written application to the chief reservation officer. We were assured that if there are 2 berth coupes available in case there are not many VIP's travelling that day, we will be given the first preference but this can only be confirmed at the time of preparing the chart. So we were still left with some apprehensions. Luckily things were on our favor, on the day of travel I went to book my dogy to the luggage booking section and produced my PNR number. the person on the counter fed in the PNR number in the system to generate the chalan and the system accepted and generated it. When I enquired the person told me that this validation is taken care by the system itself. i.e. if a person has booked two tickets and a if a two berth coupe is alloted to him then only the system generated a chalan for an accompanying dogy. Finally We had a happy and tension free journey where Coco occupied the window seat all throught and enjoyed the journey as much as we did

By: Bhushan | 03 Jul 2011

I live in Gujarat. And if I go to buy a 1-2 month pup from any state of India and want to carry him with me in train, I want to know if the same rules are applicable to a very small pup also....If some passengers don't like even a small pup to be in first class or first class AC coach, then I just can't send him to 'Luggage/Brake Van'. What can be done in this case?

By: Am | 24 Jul 2011

Jobbin James
Be it a small puppy or a big dog, it doesn't matter if anybody objects. You will have to move it to the brake van. If you have a coupe or cabin then there is no issue of anybody troubling you. See my comment of 3rd July. I travelled with a 2 month old Golden Retriever, but had to book a cabin to travel without any tension. :-)

By: Jobbin James | 24 Jul 2011

okk thank you JJ for the information. I will try to do the same as you did.

By: Am | 24 Jul 2011

Good info ! Was just wandering if anyone knew whether 2 small dogs can be carried in a coupe?


By: DS | 05 Oct 2011

Thanks for the info. I have been having sleepless nights with tension because i have a pug and flights are not safe for them and i had no idea about railways. Just had a few more questions. I have to travel from Delhi to Bangalore, so does rajdhani have a 2 berth coupe? Do i have to inform the railway authorities while i book the the ticket that i will be travelling with pets? Do i have arrange a pet carriage for my dog to travel by train? Pls help me.. thanks so much again!

By: sona | 13 Oct 2011

Jobbin James
You are right.
1. Flight is not safe for Pugs and similar breeds. Infact some airlines do not allow such breeds in flight.
2. Rajdhani Fist AC coach compostion is 3 cabin (4 berth) + 3 coupe (2 berth).
3. No need to inform the railway authorities in advance. If you are booking through IRCTC website then there is no provision for mentioning that you are travelling with a Dog. If you are booking over the counter then you can mention in your reservation slip. But you need to pay the luggage charghes of 60kg for your Dog. You can pay this 2-3 hours prior to your travel at the luggage booking counter.
4. You need to arrange a pet carriage for everybody's safety and comfort.

Note: I have an IATA approved cage that I had used once to bring my puppy from Chennai to Delhi. If you are interested, pls let me know.

By: Jobbin James | 13 Oct 2011

Thank u so much! I have been so worried. Now, I think I can finally book my tickets and relax a bit. My pug is pretty fat, about 10 kgs so how big is the cage that you are talking about?

By: sona | 13 Oct 2011

can you please let me know where do you stay in delhi? If it is near from where I put up then I can probably use the cage you have. Otherwise I can get a new 1..

By: sona | 03 Nov 2011

Can you please give me your email again?

By: sona | 05 Nov 2011

Hi, I had once heard that Rajdhani and Duronto Express do not allow dogs to be carried, even on AC I. Is it true? I am to travel from Jammu to delhi at the end of the month and need to book tickets. Please advice.

By: aditi | 24 Nov 2011

Hi, I had once heard that Rajdhani and Duronto Express do not allow dogs to be carried, even on AC I. Is it true? I am to travel from Jammu to delhi at the end of the month and need to book tickets. Please advice.

By: aditi | 24 Nov 2011

Jobbin James
You should be able to take your dog onboard, only you would have to book the entire 2-berth coupe or 4-berth cabin. The railway rules are given in the blog above.

By: Jobbin James | 24 Nov 2011

When I book my ticket, do I need to book my pet as a luggage at the same time? I already booked my ticket and now I wish to carry my pet along with me. Can I do it now by going to the luggage office at my departure station? He is a 2 months puppy, how much it would be? I am travelling by Duronto express.

By: Jolly | 12 Dec 2011

Jobbin James
@Jolly. All your queries are answered in the blog and subsequent messages below. Pls read it.

By: Jobbin James | 13 Dec 2011

jerry woods
jobbin james your comments are so helpfull, thank you for that, secondly, still a bit confused about the fair !
i mean how much extra do we pay if carry our dog ?

By: jerry woods | 22 Jan 2012

Jobbin James
If you are travelling with the dog in the first AC compartment then the charges are 60KG x distance. For eg. I paid Rs.360 as luggage charges from Chennai to Delhi. It can be paid at the luggage booking counter. I was not asked to show the puppy. Since the dog would be travelling with you, there are no complicated forms to be filled up. If you are travelling without paying the luggage charge, then 6 times penalty could be imposed by the TTE.
Note: Details are mentioned in the blog ;-)

By: Jobbin James | 22 Jan 2012

thNKS dear ..u halped me i can manage with my very mischevious naughty dog ssssss thankss a lot

By: RAJU SARKAR | 03 Apr 2012

Abhilasha Sharma
this blog has really helped and reading all these comments has actually made me relax. i'll b travellin by rajdhani exp from delhi to tatanagar,with my 6month old cocker. though i've booked 2 seats (hoping to get a coupe),one seat is in WL1. now m getting all stressed up coz of it,what are the chances of it gettin confirmed (DOJ: 22may. m travellin alone with him.

By: Abhilasha Sharma | 05 May 2012

@jj ,can i take 2 dogs at a time?pug and a labra

By: chollen | 21 May 2012

Jeslyn Barboza
You can take your dog by flight also,if the place you are travelling has an airport accessibility:-) i lived in Mumbai and i had to shift my female pomerian Pearly who was 12 yrs of age that time to Mangalore:-)so we booked Jet airways flight,where she was charged in my ticke as per her weight, i had taken on rent a dog cage from goregoan, alp passengers had to board the flight and before take off my dog was brought in but was kept where luggages are kept:-) we just had to keep some toys in her cage and the crew took care of the rest,you just need to ask them to maintain the pressure inside for the dog and the dog wil be fine:-) taking a dog by flight for a short distance is better for both the dog and the owner:-)

By: Jeslyn Barboza | 08 Dec 2012

Sirisha Mahanthi
i am planning to travel from bangalore to Vizag with my puppy. She is only 4 months old. However, we have booked 3rd class AC and I would not wanna leave my doggy in a brake van...can i carry her with me by paying them the cost of luggage

By: Sirisha Mahanthi | 03 Jan 2013

Jobbin James
We travelled again with our Dog from Delhi to Bangalore recently. Procedure was all the same. Booked a first class cabin (4 seats), paid the luggage charges of 60KG for dog travelling with owner. You have to pay the luggage charges at the luggage booking office. Last time Dog was 2.5 months old and this time he is 2 years old. All went well. TTR came and checked the reciept. Thats it. Also thanks to our Golden Retriever, it adjusted its habbits as per the train stoppages. It didnt spoil the cabin. We travelled in Rajdhani and hence stoppages were less.

By: Jobbin James | 12 Apr 2013

Jobbin James
For those who want to know the luggage charges. It was Rs.720 from Delhi to Bangalore. They charge on a flat 60KG rate.

By: Jobbin James | 12 Apr 2013

Shekhar Pardeshi
Hi, we have to travel from Pune to Bangalore. We are 3 passengers along with one 4 year old cat. What is the best way to travel? What precautions should we take?

By: Shekhar Pardeshi | 14 Apr 2013

Genie Sims
does the same rules apply for service animals?

By: Genie Sims | 17 Apr 2013

Nikhil Gupta
Hi to All,Very informative stuff, thanks.Nikhil Gupta

By: Nikhil Gupta | 26 Apr 2013

Surendra Nath Reddy
Hi All,I read above information couple times in other sites its good.Now i'm having a question on this how will be the DOG-VAn in the Trrain. is it fine or problematic.Im planning to go by 1AC but fathers alegic to A/C so in dylemma your help will be highly 5689247

By: Surendra Nath Reddy | 17 May 2013

Surendra Nath Reddy
My Pet is RAM he is 2years old and 35 Kgs in weight

By: Surendra Nath Reddy | 17 May 2013

Surendra Nath Reddy
Hi How will be the DOG VAN, did Dog feel comform there. Mine is LABRODAR age 2yearsPLease help meRegardsSgmail.9985689247

By: Surendra Nath Reddy | 17 May 2013

Surendra Nath Reddy
Hello All,Please help me how you got the COUPE (2 persons partition) in 1A/c.Today i checked in station they told ot depends on luck only.And if failed to get the COUPE how will be the Brake-VAN.Please advice me...its so urgent for meRegardsSurendra

By: Surendra Nath Reddy | 18 May 2013

Rashmi Srivastava
Hi,I wanted to gift a dog(rescued) to my parents for pet. I am staying in Pune. There are no 1st AC trains to Varanasi(my hometown).I cant afford to take it on a flight as it is costing me additional 10-15K.I will be travelling in 2nd or 3rd AC compartment. Its 28-30 hrs journey. Please suggest how to go about it.Thanks in advance. Please revert ASAP for making the arrangements.

By: Rashmi Srivastava | 06 Aug 2013

Nirmala Selvam
very helpful. Thank you for sharing detailed information on how to book and travel with a pet dog.

By: Nirmala Selvam | 10 Sep 2013

very helpful blog indeed. i need to travel Delhi-Bangalore soon with my lab. although the coupe seems ideal for me but might have go for the cabin as a precautionary measure.

By: Debal | 15 Sep 2013

just had a query, is it mandatory to have the dog in a carriage/cage when it is travelling with owner in 1AC coupe/cabin?

By: Debal | 05 Oct 2013

I have booked 2 First AC tickets on Doronto express from Bangalore to delhi. I'm hoping to get a coupe for 2. I want to check if there is a limit on the number of dogs i can take with me? I have 3 dachshunds.

By: Aditi | 07 Oct 2013

Sanjit Misra
@JobbinJames, I live in Vadodara and I am about to transfer to Bangalore .I have recently puchased a 2 month old Pug. So, I keep getting the sad thought of leaving my pug here when i transfer to Bangalore . So is it really possible?? I have a crate for my dog too. all i have to do is to pay for the whole cabin and plus extra 60 kg luggage?

By: Sanjit Misra | 24 Nov 2013

Jobbin James
Hi Sanjit. You can travel on 1st AC without booking the entire cabin too. But this is subjected to co-passengers no objecting having a dog in the cabin (even if it is in a crate). If they raise an objection (being 1st AC, the chances are more), then you will be forced to transfer it to the brake van which is a torture cell for the pet. the 60KG luggage charge has to be paid else a fine of up to 6 times of this amount will be charged from you. TTE will use this opportunity to make some extra bucks. So to be safe pls book entire cabin/coupe and pay luggage charges. I did it when I brought my pet which was 2 months old, from Chennai to Delhi. I traveled peacefully. Good luck. Jobbin James

By: Jobbin James | 25 Nov 2013

Elizabeth Jayakumar
I want to bring a 2 month old German shepherd from Bangalore. Is it possible in Shatabdi express?

By: Elizabeth Jayakumar | 18 Dec 2013

Bendong Gopa
YES OUR DOGS MADE THE TRAIN JOURNEY WITH US IN OUR VERY OWN COUPE!Thanks Hardyboy for sharing the info! Your article made our journey possible in Rajdhani. We are parents of 3 year old Himalayan Sheep dog called RAKOOSH (20 kgs)

By: Bendong Gopa | 31 Jan 2014

Jobbin James
Please go to luggage booking office. Parcel office is a separate one and may not be aware of the rules.

By: Jobbin James | 15 May 2014

yes i believe dogs are allowed in 1AC compartment only on any train. this is obviously subject to the various restrictions mentioned in above posts.

By: Debal | 16 May 2014

some pointers for those travelling on the delhi-bangalore case you wish to book a coupe or cabin, you have to approach the charting officer in reservations office (in delhi, near new delhi railway station; in bangalore at divisional railway managers office near majestic) 1 day prior to your journey with the confirmed ticket and application stating your requirement. then on the day of journey, approach the luggage bookings office (in delhi parcel office at nizammudin station; in bangalore luggage counter near the lift entrance to platforms) once the cabin/coupe is confirmed and pay the necessary luggage fees applicable to dogs. keep the receipt for showing to TTE. crate/cage is NOT mandatory for the dog to travel with you. just make sure you not to cause any inconvenience to other people and enjoy a safe journey.

By: Debal | 16 May 2014

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