Ultimate guide to make your furball travelling easy

Wag News, last updated 27th, Mar 2017, Deepshikha Tahiliani

Thinking to shift from one city to another with your pet? Well, I know it is certainly a difficult task. The major problem lies in what kind of commutation option to opt for. Am I right? I am here to guide you guys on the best mode of commute that you could opt for while shifting cities in India. We have three options in hand, car, train, and airplane. When it comes to flights, only Air India and Jet airways provide facility to fly with your pooch. But if your dog isn’t crate-trained, then ditch the air. Talking about the car, you will have to buy a car seat for your dog, but managing a long distance can become a problem. Hence, take the rail.


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The Indian railways allow you to travel with your pet dogs but with certain rules. We are here to guide you step by step with the rules, so that travelling with your dog becomes a cake walk for you. 1. First, dogs can accompany you in trains in a closed door cabin, which means you will have to opt for 1st AC. To make sure that the journey is hassle free, book an extra seat. 2. Ensure that you carry a health certificate for your pooch provided by the vet. 3. Before travelling, visit the respective station to make certain the confirmation of you travelling with a dog. 4. A day before the journey, a written application has to be sent to the parcel office, requesting for a cabin at the respective station. 5. After reaching the railway station, TC’s signature is needed for the cabin allocation. Once it is done, you will have to visit the parcel office to fill in the basic information of your muzzle. 6. The final step is to pay the fee for your pooch.


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To make your journey much easier with your furball, it is always important to make your dog comfortable. Here, we have little tips that will allow you to have a hassle-free journey with the tail-wagger.


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1. Walk your pooch before to board the train. The idea behind this is that they get tired and rest during the trip. 2. Make sure that have pooped/peed before travelling. 3. Always carry few toys and treats to keep your dog occupied during the voyage. 4. Take care of your dog while getting in or out of the train. The gap between the train and the platform is pretty tricky. 5. Don’t over-feed your pooch. Just like you, a light meal is best before travelling. However, asking the vet is the best solution. 6. Keep ample of fresh water with you. 7. And last not the least, but the most important point here is Never Ever Leave Your Dog Unattended. The Indian Railways is perfect when you are voyaging with your four-legged friend. They have a procedure. Follow the rules and you will be good to go! Happy vacations people!

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