What Vaccination schedule do you subscribe to for your newly born puppy ?

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The title of the thread above is self explainatory but still to elaborate - what exactly is the vaccination schedule you follow for your newly acquiredborn  puppy ?

Case 1 - Puppie born at your place from a mother which you had raised since it itself was a puppy and you got it vaccinated as per your vet's prescriptions.At exactly what age of the puppy of this particular litter you start with the vaccination programme ( assuming you intend to keep one or two pups out of this litter ) .Please do mention the complete vaccination programme including the vaccine's name / manufacturer

Case 2 - Pup acquired from outside , about whom you have no idea of the mother's vaccination et al .At what age in this case you prefer to acquire the pup .Do you take the owner's word for granted that the pup had been vaccinated /dewormed timely or you prefer vaccinating it from the scratch and with which vaccines and in which particular order / hierarchy .


dude , vikid catch it!

By: abhay | 24 Mar 2009

Baawli Poonch
Thanks a lot for the information provided dude .Now just a personal question , which brand do you prefer and why ? for this schedule of yours - puppy DP , 9-1 , rabies , 9-1 booster.

Also do you give boosters to your dogs every year , religiously or you tend to delay it or say skipping it for a year or two .

By: Baawli Poonch | 24 Mar 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Pfizer. yes its my schedule. after an age of 1 yr i gives 9-1 and rabies only...followed these only as vet suggested it. now am studying abt homepathic vaccination which has come in market. Dr manish has immense knowledge on the same.


By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 24 Mar 2009

Baawli Poonch
Thanks again yaar :-)

By: Baawli Poonch | 24 Mar 2009



3 weeks Deworming the pup for round worms and hook worms
4 weeks Vaccination against Parvovirus and Distemper if bitch is not vaccinated.
5 weeks Booster Vaccination against Parvovirus and Distemper.
6 weeks Vaccination against Parvovirus and Distemper if bitch is vaccinated.
7 to 8 weeks Booster Vaccination against Parvovirus and Distemper
8 to 9 weeks Parvo, Adeno, Leptospirosis, Coronavirus, Parainfluenza, Bordetella
8 to 12 weeks Deworming and Antirabies Vaccination
15 to 16 weeks Booster vaccination for Rabies, followed by yearly boosters.
Regular deworming every 3 to 4 months, thereafter.



Canine Distemper
A usually fatal viral disease that causes respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous system problems. Every 3 weeks until 12-14 weeks (6,9,12 weeks or 8, 11, 14 weeks), followed by an annual booster
Canine Hepatitis
A viral disease of the liver. Included with distemper vaccine
A virus that is part of the group of viruses and bacteria known to cause kennel cough, the canine equivalent of our cold. As above
Viral Diarrhoea
Canine Parvo virus
Canine Corona virus A dangerous and sometimes deadly (especially in puppies} intestinal disease As above, but some vets vaccinate for Parvo until 5 months of age against corona at 8-9 weeks of age.
A bacterial disease that affects the liver and kidneys. As above, but many veterinarians do not include until 9 weeks of age
Kennel cough
A group of viruses such as CAV2, CAV 1, Parainfluenza and bacteria such as Bordetella bronchiseptica are known to cause kennel cough First at 8-9 weeks and booster after 4 weeks and annual vaccination
A deadly viral disease of the nervous system that affects alt mammals, including humans. May be difficult to detect. First vaccine at 3 months, booster 9-1 2 months later and then every 1-3 years, depending on vaccine.

By: hardyboy | 24 Mar 2009

my dog is 1.5 year old in first year my vet gave him all vaccination of brand i.e intervet...n for corona he uses pfizer...n now for booster he uses......brand i.e fort dodge....n again for corona he uses pfizer...n for deworming.......i uses cantel and trizin....

By: hardyboy | 24 Mar 2009

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