WagPedia 101: The majestic Afghan Hounds

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Origins - AfghanistanAlso called - Tazi (1)

Brief Description

Afghan Hounds are elegance personified - flowing silky coat, chiseled body and looks and a face to die for! Originated in Afghanistan, the Afghan Hounds were called Tazi. Historians consider the Afghan Hounds to be one of the oldest dog breeds!

  • Group:  Sight Hound
  • Life Span:  13 - 14 years


Adaptability includes such characteristics as the dog's ability to adapt to the environment, other dogs and humans and of course the weather and temperature of a particular city.

  • Afghan Hounds adapt well to apartment living as well as mansion living
  • They make good pets even for novice owners
  • They are adaptable to changes and noises
  • Afghan Hounds do not like being left alone and prefer company at all times
  • They easily adapt to both hot and cold weathers

Training Ability

There are dogs that are easy to train and strive on learning new skills while others may shy away and throw tantrums. 

  • Afghan Hounds are a tad stubborn and a little difficult to train
  • Though intelligent, Afghan Hounds would rather laze around and get pampered than get down to work
  • Curious as a cat, Afghan Hounds have a very high prey drive and love to explore new places and corners
  • They hardly bark or howl, but may nip / chew often.


  • Aghan Hounds are independent thinkers and have a mind of their own.
  • Though a one - family dog, Afghan Hounds need to be socialised from a young age
  • Often indifferent to new people or dogs
  • Do not appreciate rough handling or reprimands. Require a gentle approach.
  • Not particularly great with children
  • Hilarious antics make them clowns of the dog breed world.

Health & Care

  • Afghan Hounds have a very high metabolism rate which keeps them healthy and thin
  • They are prone to hypothyroidism, juvenile cataracts, cancer and allergies
  • Afghan Hounds are hypersensitive to pain

Physical Attributes:

  • Afghan Hounds are a fairly large breed of dogs
  • Size:


    • Male - 27 inches and upto 34 kgs in weight 
    • Females - 25 inches  and upto 30 kgs in weight
  • Colours - Dark brown / Light Brown / Gold / Brindle
  • Coat - Long coat and short undercoat
  • Eyes - Almond Shaped, blessed with 270 degree vision
  • Ears - Flat ears
  • Hips - Strong, helps them rum in long strides
  • Tail - Thin and a curled tip
  • Muzzle - Long
  • Skull shape - Dolichocephalic skulls

Physical workout

  • Afghan Hounds need moderate levels of exercise
  • They are extremely playful and love to explore their surroundings
  • They can reach speeds as high as 40 miles an Hour


  • Afghan Hounds require high levels of grooming for the long lustrous coats
  • They require frequent baths and daily brushing, atleast thrice a day
  • Other grooming requirements include dental grooming, clipping of nails and cleaning the ears
  • Afghan Hounds do not drool so there is no requirement of cleaning and wiping their face and fur to wipe off the drool.


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