What Does Your Dog's Sleeping Position Tells About His Personality? Know Here!

Wag News, last updated 17th, May 2016, Ruchika Anand


There are many little things that show a dog’s personality. The way he eats, the way he walks…and most importantly, the way he sleeps. The way your dog sleeps reveals a lot about his personality. Does he like to curl up? Does he sleep spread-eagled? There’s a whole load of psychology behind it!

1. The sideways sleeper. Sideways sleeping is a restful and peaceful position. Sleeping sideways means that your pet is very comfortable in his/her surroundings and are very happy-go-lucky but fiercely protective.


2. The curler. If your dog sleeps in a curled up position it means that he/she is very comfortable and likes to sleep in a small, cosy space and conserve body heat. Dogs like this are cute and sweet and easy-going.


3. The Superhero. Dogs that sleep on their stomachs and spread out all their limbs are the most energetic and confident of dogs. They are always fun and lively, natural pack leaders and are very loyal.


4. The gymnast. This is the craziest position there is. If your dog spreads out his limbs in every possible crazy angle, that means he’s very comfortable and feels very safe in his surroundings and feels at no risk there. They are very laidback and independent and very friendly too. And they are also natural leaders.


5. The REM sleeper. Dogs that sleep in the rigid, not-so-relaxed positions may actually be slightly unrelaxed in real life. Pay special attention to your dog and see what his bothering him and preventing him from being at complete ease. Make sure that he is perfectly at easer within the house.

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6. The spread-eagled sleeper. If your dog sleeps in this position, sleeps like he/she is unconscious then you have yourself one happy, easy-going, comfortable and friendly dog there who is so friendly with everybody and at perfect ease with his surroundings. He is also natural born leader.


The way dogs sleep reveals a lot about them. So pay close attention to them. Always ensure that your dog is in a comfortable position within the house and that there is nothing to disturb his ease and peace of mind. Dogs need a comfortable and healthy atmosphere to live in peace and be healthy. Dogs need to be at mental peace and happiness to have healthy bodies as well. Both go hand in hand. So apart from healthy food and regular exercises, a dog also needs to get proper sleep in a comfortable state.  So look out for your dog and see that he/she is perfectly at ease within the house and there is nothing to bother him/her.